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Plus-sized supermodel Ashley Graham reveals what she eats to get those curves

As a model, body activist and author, Ashley Graham is truly extraordinary. She was the first ever size 14 model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and she boasts an Instagram account of nearly six million followers. Just about more than the entire population of Denmark, in case you were wondering.

The messages that Ashley spreads about body positivity and overall well-being are truly empowering. If you've ever wondered what fuels a superwoman like her, look no further. Here's a better look at Ashley Graham's diet and fitness routine.

In order to stay fit, the supermodel mainly eats wholesome, fresh foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. This means Ashley is incorporating foods such as green smoothies, quinoa bowls and salmon into her diet.

According to her Instagram, Ashley's favorite healthy green juice contains kale, cucumber, spinach, apple and ginger. What's great about her Instagram account is that it also shows she indulges from time to time, the makings of a very balanced diet.

The secret to staying fit like supermodel Ashley Graham? Don't shy away from carbs. She makes sure to eat sweet potatoes and brown rice, as well fibrous produce and all kinds of protein.

It's extremely crucial to know that contrary to popular belief, carbs are not inherently bad. So many people make carbs out to be the enemy when in reality, carbs fuel our body and give us energy. Without carbs, we wouldn't be able to get through the day. What many people don't know, though, is that healthy carbs exist in fruits and veggies.

Ashley also preaches that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. "I still have my moments where I will pig out, but I always balance it out with a really hard work out, or the next day - I really, I don't beat myself up over it - so I'll eat healthy the next day," she said.

There's no need to cut out foods you love just to be fit. Knowing portion control and moderation is extremely important when learning how to eat smart, as Ashley says herself. "It's one of those things where my relationship with food is my own journey, like every other woman that I know, and it's a matter of just mapping it out for myself, and not being discouraged."

Ashley prioritizes exercising in order to stay fit and live a healthy life. Her countless Instagram posts (a very recent one showing us how to do the world's perfect squat) and captions make it clear that her favorite form of exercise is kickboxing.

In alliance with her movement for body positivity, Ashley constantly uses hashtags, #CurvyFit and #HealthyBeyondSize, using her platform to encourage acceptance of all body types. Ashley also hits the gym a lot, focusing on weights, resistance training and HIIT. Needless to say: she is a beast in the gym.

That's pretty much it, folks! Nothing special, no hacks, so to say. It just goes to show with a healthy combination of eating nutritious foods, staying active, and caring for your body, you too can live like a supermodel.