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Piers Morgan Reacts Like An Absolute Child After Eating A Vegan Sausage Roll

For a very long time, I considered Piers Morgan to be the human equivalent of Marmite, in that people would either love him or hate him. I used to simply think he was fine - just an opinionated journalist who made some good points and some bad points. However, very recently my opinion has shifted into thinking he is an obnoxious and ignorant prat.

Since joining UK morning television show, Good Morning Britain, in 2015, Piers Morgan has seemingly gone out of his way to have his opinion heard on the most insignificant of issues. In the past few months, Piers has been offended at fathers carrying their infant children in a papoose, in the belief that it emasculates men, and with David Beckham kissing his young daughter on the lips, in the belief that is was "weird".

I personally think this says a lot more about him than anybody else, but hey ho.

Now, Piers Morgan has it in for vegans - but more specifically, the British fast-food chain Greggs for releasing a vegan sausage roll.

For those of you who are unaware, a sausage roll is an absolute treat that consists of sausage meat surrounded by a flaky pastry casing. They're an absolute delight, and so, in order to cater to a new market, Greggs introduced an entirely plant-based sausage roll. Now, I'm no vegan, but I tried one, and they're decent.

But Piers Morgan couldn't handle a company releasing a product aimed at the vegan community and decided to sound off on Twitter:

Seriously, a guy who refers to people as "snowflakes" has become offended at the very idea of people eating a plant-based sausage roll. The irony here is palatable.

So, being the attention-starved man-child that he is, Piers continued his "resistance" against veganism on his return to the breakfast show, even going as far as to set up a meat cart.

Here's the thing, I completely understand that being this outspoken and controversial is good for ratings, but I'll never quite understand why a grown man who always wants to maintain the intellectual and masculine higher ground did what he did next.

After Greggs sent some free vegan sausage rolls into the studio (also, cracking free marketing for Greggs, who are playing Morgan like a fool), the Piers Morgan decided to try one with his co-hosts Susannah Reid and Charlotte Hawkins.

His reaction was literally one of the most mind-boggling things I've ever seen from a fully grown human:

I've literally seen toddlers reluctantly eat vegetables with more maturity and manners than that.

Now, nobody likes being told what they should and shouldn't eat, and that is why the vegan community often receives such a hostile backlash from those not wanted to adopt their plant-based lifestyles, but I'll never understand why people have such an issue with people actually eating a vegan diet.

Not only has it been proven to be a much healthier and environmentally-friendly alternative to a meat-based diet, but the number of people going vegan has grown by 700% in the last two years - so why wouldn't companies start offering more vegan options for customers? It's simple supply and demand.

No, I personally don't care what people eat. If people want to eat meat, let them get on with it, if people want to go vegan, all the power to them - but I do have a problem with an over-entitled 53-year-old "journalist" and father-of-four behaving like a spoiled child on live TV over something so trivial as a sausage roll.

And the 'Snowflake of the Year Award' goes to...