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Pepsi have unveiled a new line of dessert-themed drinks this holiday season

When it comes to seasonal drinks, why do alcohol and coffee get to have all the fun? We have so many drinkable products to celebrate the festive season, but what if I don't want to go on a bender, or I want to do nothing but laze around all day? Well, cola giants Pepsi have gone above and beyond this season to meet our demands.

They are putting the "sugar" back in "Sugarplum Fairy" with their new seasonal beverages. For the US market, the soda giant's holiday gifts include both Salted Caramel Pepsi and Mountain Dew Holiday Brew, which will make high fructose corn syrup addicts jump for joy peace and love.

Salted caramel is pretty hot right now, and turning it into a drink seems like a rich sweet way to drink your ice cream sauce. The YouTube duo "Two Bald Guys Who Eat Stuff and Talk About It" got their hands on some advance bottles and gave their insight.

The guys explain that the Moutain Dew Holiday Brew is a mixture between regular Mountain Dew and Code Red, which gives it a "citrusy" black-cherry-esque flavor. Some may argue it's perfect for mixing with vodka at your next holiday party.

When it came to Salted Caramel Pepsi, the guys proclaim that the festive salted caramel smell is almost instantaneous when you open the bottle, filling you up with a warm holiday spirit.

At the first sip, the salted caramel taste is just as strong as the salted caramel smell. You are hit with a "very rich soda" that is "pretty delicious," and the salted caramel taste is so potent that you "almost wish you the drink is thicker" and actually were eating salted caramel.

If you hop on a plane and cross the Pacific and land in Japan, then you'll be able to get your hands on another of Pepsi's ghostly inventions: Pepsi Christmas Cola. What does Christmas taste like in Japan, I hear you ask?

According to Food & Wine, it's cake with strawberries - a common Christmas treat over there, so it makes sense that this fizzy beverage would taste like cake - and look like it too, coming in an opaque white color.

If you looking for a more traditional holiday beverage - or you can't find these limited-edition sodas at your local convenience store - try a classic eggnog or some mulled wine. If you're feeling particularly festive you could even try making one of those edible cups.

With these new flavors, you'll never have to wonder what it's like to drink desserts like cake or fudge again. What's even better is that drinking these desserts as drinks is that you can save room for the important things, like milkshakes and mince pies.

Even though these drinks are available right now, I would suggest pacing yourself, as there is a long festive period ahead of us. As you're probably going to want to mix these drinks with everything in your drinks cabinet, make sure you don't go too crazy. As great as I am, I can't really do anything about your eventual sugar crash.