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People are paying ‘professional Monopoly players’ to eat McDonald’s all day

I'm sure, all over the world, there have been thousands who have taken a bite of a McDonald's burger and wished that they could do that every day. Instead, most of us will reserve a meal there for drunken nights out or lazy lunches, knowing that it's not exactly profitable to be eating out each and every day.

Yet, it seems that this dream may just become a reality... as long as you live in the UK. Those who have been to McDonald's enough will know that specific items on their menu come with peel-off stickers on their packaging, having a chance to win big in the national Monopoly game.

Some do win big, but most of the time you'll be lucky to grab a free Coke Zero for your trouble. If you could purchase more tickets, however, you'd have a better chance of winning, right? That's the philosophy behind this latest venture, through which people are earning money to eat.

People are now being paid to be pro players, travelling to various McDonald's restaurants and buying meals to collect the Monopoly stickers. The hourly rate is £45 ($62) and includes two large meals and even travel expenses - not to mention bonuses if prizes are won.

The 'McDonald's Monopoly Pro Players' service is aimed at people who want to increase their chances of winning the competition's top prizes.

These 'Pro Players' will collect the stickers on behalf of the customers who hired the service, likely because they do not have the time to do it themselves or simply don't want to be munching on McDonald's every day. Customers who are signing up for a pro player to help them are asked specific questions, for instance, how many meals to buy and which prizes they are searching for before everything is set up for them.

The scheme was launched by the website, which helps the public connect with local service professionals. The co-founder, Kai Feller, said:

"McDonald's Monopoly is always a massive hit every year, thanks to the high value of the top prizes! However, some people don't have the time to be constantly collecting the stickers - and that's why we've launched our service. For people out there who are desperate to get their hands on a Mini, an XBOX One, or even £100,000, our service massively increases their chances of winning."

You will be able to request pro players from anywhere in the United Kingdom, meaning the customer has the chance of winning these amazing prizes: £100k ($139, 430) in cash (four available), A Mini Cooper (15 available), A trip for four to Universal Studios in Orlando (20 available), an Xbox One games console (400 available), Now TV (a video on-demand streaming service in the UK) smart box and one-year pass (10,000 available), or £250 ($348.58) experience with Red Letter days (800 available).

If you want to sign up to be one of the McDonald's Monopoly Pro Players, head to, where you can fill in some information. To me, this looks like the best of both worlds - the customer gets a chance of big prizes and the pro player gets to be paid to eat food? Sign me up.