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Patrick Stewart just found the best pizza he’s ever eaten, and he can’t talk about it enough

I don't know about you, but I genuinely don't think I could live without pizza. I've given it up for a couple of weeks in January and managed without it on diets before, but I also know I'm going to come back to it. How so many vegans manage to go without it, I will never be able to wrap my head around.

Someone who had somehow managed to live a pizza-less life until recently, is Sir Patrick Stewart. For the first 72 years of his existence, the iconic actor did not eat a single slice of pizza - at least, not without using a knife and fork. And, as we all know, if you're not eating a slice by hand, you can't really say you've eaten pizza.

Perhaps it was too foreign a concept for his British roots. Maybe the cast of Star Trek: The Generation never has pizza parties. But in 2013, Stewart branched out and grabbed a piece of pizza in Brooklyn to sop up a hangover. The actor ate at Sams Cutlery and made national news for tweeting he had finally indulged in his first "slice" of the good stuff. He even went on Conan to talk about pizza. Not too long after, his status as a pizza critic was solid.

Now, however, the pizza connoisseur claims to have found the best pizza that he has ever tasted. Last week, Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell visited Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut in order to indulge in a serious carb fest.

Sunny took to Instagram to praise the restaurant for their superb slices on Stewart's behalf, and their words have shaken the pizza world to the core. While Sunny claimed to be quite impressed by her “mighty and compelling” white clam pizza, she wrote that Patrick was far more enamoured with the olive-topped pie he ate with a knife and fork.

Sunny wrote that her husband's pizza "was also so tasty he proclaimed it the best pizza he’d ever eaten (and, knowing him like I do, I know WHY he made that claim: the crust. Thin and crispy all the way through. He’s unnerved by “doughiness”, and fails to see the merit in the pliant and supplicant yield of a proper Napoletana pie. I digress).”

Stewart was so happy with his pie he even took time out to pose for a photo with the staff. According to those at the restaurant,  Sunny and Patrick were still talking about their garlicky, salty pizzas well long they had finished eating.

This is all well and good, but there is one major problem. Can this be counted as an official pizza? Because looking at the images on display, Patrick ate his pizza with a knife and fork. In his defence, Frank Pepe’s, which opened in 1925, doesn’t sell pizza by the slice so it's hard to blame the actor. Technically, he has to cut the pizzas into slices in order to eat, so we can't criticise him too harshly here.

Frank Pepe's is a very popular pizzeria in not only New Haven, but the entire country. Its now-infamous white clam pizza was voted the best pizza in America in 2017 so it would be no surprise that other items on its menu are just as tasty. I may have to get myself down there.