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Parents were left furious after a kids’ daycare turned vegan without their consent

If you're a parent (or even if you're not and you can remember back to your childhood), you can remember what it was like at the dinner table. My dinners were usually made up of rice or pasta, and although we loved meat, my parents loved vegetables. My mom and I would usually have tense stand-offs over whether I would eat my lettuce or peas. I always lost.

This is all a roundabout way of saying that parents have standards for the kind of things that'll end up in the plate of their offspring, and whether it's a personal preference or just for health reasons, any mom or dad will want to know what their kid's eating, and they'll want to be made aware if things change.

Which is why you can understand why parents are furious with a daycare after they allegedly chose to feed children exclusively vegan food, deciding not to let the parents know of this unorthodox change. At least, that's the accusation leveled at a daycare by mom Aimee on the parenting site Netmums, who complained that her son's nursery has introduced a vegan menu, with no fish or meat option in sight.

We had an email this week from my son’s nursery saying they are changing their food menu – little did I expect when I received the menu they have changed the whole menu to a vegan menu, no prior consent or questions put forward to the parents, or from staff, from what I can gather! This has really got my back up as I feel we are being railroaded into making our children vegan without a choice, no option of meat or fish!

According to this disgruntled parent, the change occurred after the daycare's deputy manager (who is vegan) returned from her maternity leave, and wanted her son to have the same diet as her. Aimee says that she's complained to the manager, but was completely "shrugged off" by the powers that be at the nursery.

Taking to the internet, Aimee got a ton of supportive messages from other moms around the world, who believe that dietary changes like this shouldn't be forced on kids, with some wondering what would happen if the shoe was on the other vegan foot. "I would be absolutely livid about this," said one such parent, who said that kids need certain nutrients that a vegan diet simply doesn't provide.

"I would be changing nursery if this was done to my daughter’s nursery I don’t want my kids railroaded into a vegan lifestyle, young children are unable to make decisions like this on their own, if when they are old enough to decide to be vegan themselves and they make that decision so be it but I will ensure they have all the true facts to make an informed decision. [sic]"

Well, food fans, what do you think of this daycare's daring decision? Personally, while it's all well and good for a vegan mom to bring her kid up in the same fashion, it wouldn't really be fair to impose that diet on other kids, especially if those kids are in her employ. Hopefully, the powers that be at this daycare will soon come around, and every kid will get the diet their parents desire.