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Oreo’s Mystery Flavor has been revealed, and it’s got the internet torn

If there's a cookie which captures our imagination and satisfies our sweet tooth all in one go, then I have to say that Oreo cookies would be the go-to snack I'd have with any glass of milk. Two delicious chocolate-flavored wafers, and a delectable creme filling in the middle. What's not to like?

As you may or may not know, Oreo have been with us for a while - 105 years, in fact - and while a lot of us are happy to have Oreo in our lives for so long, like any relationship, there's a danger of falling into a place of complacency. That's why we have different versions of our glorious sandwich cookies, and it's why we've got the Mystery Flavor.

After the innovations of the Wonder Vault and the fan-made concoctions of the #MyOreoCreation era which gave us such flavors as Rainbow or... Avocado, the next step in spicing up our lifelong relationship was to give us a flavor of Oreo without telling us what it is beforehand, and asking us to guess what this particular strain of cookie was made of.

Sounds like fun? Well, when you consider that a correct guess would score you a pretty hefty cash prize, then this could be very fun indeed. So when Oreo released their Mystery Flavor last October in a curious all-white package, you can be sure plenty of cookie connoisseurs were testing their tastebuds to figure out the flavor.

Whoever was the first to guess via a submission on a special Oreo website scored themselves a $50,000 cash prize, while second-through-sixth would each get $10,000. Not too shabby, right? Well, after around a month of guessing, the polls have closed, and Oreo have finally unveiled their secret concoction. Ready? Let's have a look.

If you've been lucky enough to have sampled the glorious Mystery Flavor for yourself, you probably would have had a few theories as to what kind of Oreo cookie you were putting into your mouth. Online, people have said cereal. Others have guessed fruit. Some have ambitiously guessed Axe Body Spray, but those people are wrong.

Behold! In a statement, Oreo themselves revealed the identity of their mystery flavor...

"After a mysterious flavor appeared in the Oreo Wonder Vault, Oreo fans from coast to coast have been putting their taste buds to the test to solve the cookie conundrum. Oreo is excited to announce that the mystery Oreo flavor is… Fruity Pebbles flavored Oreo Cookies!"

If you'd guessed either cereal or fruit, you wouldn't have been the recipient of that cash, but you definitely were on the right track. As it turns out, though, there were a lot of people who guessed right, and online, reactions were a little bit mixed as to the Mystery Flavor.

There you have it, everybody. What do you think of Oreo's newest flavor of cookie? Are you disappointed with the reveal, or are you excited to try Fruity Pebble Oreo cookies once more? Whatever happens, it's just one of the ways that Oreo has surprised us this year.