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Oreo candy canes have finally arrived, and they’re already in stores for Christmas

When it comes to delicious cookies, there's no parallel whatsoever to the sandwich cookie. Two cookies for the price of one, and I get a filling too? Sign me up! But even among those sandwich cookies, one special cookie reigns supreme. No, I'm not talking about Jammy Dodgers, Custard Creams or Bourbon Cookies. No; I of course am talking about the Oreo.

Oreo have been with me through it all. Through the milk and cookies of childhood, to Oreo milkshakes of my late adolescence, all the way through to the milk and cookies of my college and adult life. Like a long-term spouse, there's a great deal of commitment and intimacy, but I get the feeling that Oreo and I need to reignite the passion of our relationship, and their latest holiday offering may just spice things up in the right way.

When the nights grow cold, the clocks go back and winter begins to loom large on the horizon, one way to tell it's Christmas is to look at the food. Barbeques and rosé wine make way for roast dinners and brandy, and the sweet treats you get also change: instead of popsicles and ice cream, you can instead look forward to candy canes.

This year, though is special. Oreo have thrown their hat into the candy cane ring, and they look absolutely delicious! On this occasion, Oreo gave us a teaser as to what was to come nearly six months ago, but now they appear to be with us for real.

For the discovery, we're going to have to thank the Instagram account @candyhunting, whose sweet-toothed eagle eye found these all the way back in June, but the Impulsive Buy spotted them on shelves at a H-E-B just one week ago. It's one of a ton of holiday-themed Oreo flavors we expect to see this Christmas, but this has to be the most interesting.

I have many questions. First of all, how on earth will it taste? As you might have already realized, the taste of Oreo is very different from the taste of candy cane, so will the candy cane Oreo lean towards cookies and creme, or taste more of peppermint? If they go the peppermint route, it won't be the first time; peppermint-filled Oreo cookies already made a splash back in 2015, and I wouldn't mind if they came back.

Either way, people: the wait is over! Instead of filling your stockings with Oreo cookies like you do every year, why not go more traditional, and get yourself some Oreo candy canes?

The best part is that you probably don't even need to put on pants and brave the cold; here's a deal at Amazon which sets you back $8.69 for a box of 12. If you're not a fan of Amazon, there's also Walmart ($31.75 for 12 boxes of 12), or Jet ($4.43 for one box of 12). Well, what are you waiting for?

This Christmas, your relationship with Oreo is about to get a whole lot more festive.