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Oprah Winfrey explains how you turn scrambled eggs into a “sexy” breakfast

I miss the hell out of Oprah Winfrey right now. It's not even like I watched her show religiously or follow her on Twitter. Like Obama, she has this presence that you just wanna bask in and share. I'm learning that it's rare to find that in people, especially celebrities.

When a celebrity I like suggests something tasty to cook I am all over it. Recently, it was the turn of Oprah to stop by the Dr Oz show to share recipes from her latest cookbook Food, Health and Happiness, where Oprah invites you to eat both healthfully and happily in her extraordinarily personal cookbook.

Recipes from the book should be a source of happiness; a ritual to be shared, and a celebration of life. Something of a highlight was what she calls her "sexy breakfast". Oprah said she called it that because she doesn't even know if you should call it a recipe, it's so casual and simple.

The breakfast is a simple scrambled egg and salsa, but the real secret is in the heat of the homemade salsa. Oprah says "there's lots of jalapeños in there," explaining the recipe actually comes from Eduardo, one of her house chefs.

The other key to perfecting Oprah's eggs, according to the woman herself? Temperature. You always have to serve these bad boys hot. Oprah explains: "the other thing about anyone who is a real cook... Don't you want people to come to the table when the food is hot?" asking Dr Oz at the end.

The fiery, sexy salsa is loaded with jalapeños as mentioned, and the eggs are cooked to a creamy texture. For added flavor, she instructed Dr Oz to pile on truffle zest. Remarkable, considering the richness of truffles and all the weight Oprah has lost.

In addition to her cookbook, Oprah is celebrating her 42-pound weight loss since joining Weight Watchers in Summer 2015. Amazing that even with truffle zest, you can still shed pounds on Weight Watchers.

Oprah cannot talk more highly about the weight loss programme, saying: "It has worked for me and it's not a diet and I have not sacrificed one day of losing 42.5 pounds," assuring the audience on The Dr Oz Show.

On the Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier on in the year (also talking about sexy eggs), the host pointed out that Oprah has a knack for making anything sound great with her trademark talk-sing voice.

The 62-year-old former daytime host revealed that it all started thanks to a Hollywood icon. "You know how that started? John Travolta was on my show many years ago and I just love John Travolta," she recalled. "I said, 'Coming up next John Travoltaaaaa' and it just sounded so good."

She continues: "I was just so happy to be talking to John Travoltaaa!" A few legendary shows later, and here she is talk-singing about sexy eggs, twice in one year. It's amazing, isn't it?