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Now you can finally have breakfast at Tiffany’s

First there was the book. Then there was the film. And then there was the song (which you're clearly singing in your head right now). Now, after years and years of waiting, you can finally have Breakfast at Tiffany's for real. But that's not all, because thanks to some crazy artistic design trickery, you can pretty much have breakfast at Tiffany's, inside a Tiffany's box. It's Tiffany squared.

The Blue Box Café, as it is appropriately named, will be opening this Friday on the fourth floor of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue. Tucked away on the newly re-designed Home and Accessories floor, it's set to be a bit like the Sunday morning dream day you wish was your reality.

Naturally, the café is decked out in the famous jeweler's signature blue, and with its compact space, blue walls and blue ceilings, it's not a whole world away from sitting inside one of their iconic boxes. And let's be honest, if your budget is anything like mine, then that's the closest you'll ever come to one.

But even with all its plush blue chairs, blue decor, blue glazed plates and a generous helping of marble that is speckled - you guessed it - with blue, it somehow manages to avoid being overly-blue. If we tried this with our living room, it would be an absolute mess, but somehow, it still manages to be timeless, modern and elegant. To put it simply: it's an Instagram fiend's dream.

Now, onto the important bit - the food. If you remember the film, you'll recall Holly's longing gaze through the window, croissant in hand. Well, now the croissant has been brought inside, and comes alongside a choice of avocado toast, truffled eggs, buttermilk waffles or smoked salmon bagels. Admittedly, it's a little more pricey than the pastry would have been, but at $29 including a coffee, it is still pretty do-able.

At $39 for a starter and a main, lunch isn't as outrageously priced as you might expect either. According to Vanity Fair, the lunch menu will be seasonal and New York-based, and will include options such as the lobster and avocado "Fifth Avenue Salad", CLT sandwich - which stands for both chicken, lettuce and tomato as well as Charles Lewis Tiffany.

For those in a celebratory mood, there's also the chance to order a Tiffany's box-shaped cake, complete with blue icing and a big white bow, which will set you back $36. For something a little more subtle, but probably more filling, there's also a $49 afternoon tea, which includes a choice of one of eight blends of tea, and a selection of sweets and pastries.

With windows overlooking Fifth Avenue, and just feet away from some of New York's most famous stores, it's sure to become an instant hit with tourists hoping for a bite of Holly's life. You never know, it might even attract locals - okay, so it's not an everyday thing, but it's not somewhere you couldn't treat your mom to either.

All in all, Holly Golightly would be proud.