North West Talked About Her Favorite Kind of Pizza And It’s So Adorable

Stop the press! We finally have a celebrity that we can relate to.

While it may be hard to see a bit of yourself in the super rich and famous these days, there is one celebrity who is managing to bridge the gap between us and the glamorous, and that celebrity is North West. I mean, the only problem with this situation is that North West is four-years-old, but hear me out.

North, as I am sure you are all aware, is the child of uber-famous and controversial couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; and it’s safe to say that she is likely to follow her parents into a life full of glitz, glamour and unbelievable money. However, while most celebrities like to chow down on exotic foods and expensive wine, North West is a great lover of pizza and for that, we love her.

In her interview (yes, a four-year-old had an interview) with the aptly named Interview Magazine, North was asked all the pressing questions in life such as: Who is your favourite Disney Princess? And, what is your favourite color? While North’s answers to these questions were as legendary as they were adorable, it was when she was asked what her favourite pizza is, that she really showed her inner queen. Instead of saying something boring like “pepperoni” or “BBQ chicken”, North delivered an answer that we would all be proud of:

“Just Cheese! Cheese, cheese—everywhere cheese.”

“Cheese, cheese – everywhere cheese,” is something we’ve all muttered at some point in our sorry lives. North knows what the deal is, she knows about the healing powers of cheese and she’s owning it. North may only be four, but she will eventually learn that her love for melted cheese with never subside, NEVER.

As alluded to earlier, North was also asked a host of other questions during the interview, which was conducted by the likes of Sean and Jayden Federline, Millie Bobby Brown, and Penelope Disick. Obviously, four-year-olds have different interpretations of what the important questions in life are, but we can all agree that these kids took North to town on some pretty pressing subjects.

When asked by Brown, who is one of the stars of Stranger Things, who her favorite Disney Princess was and why, North responded with a strong answer:

“Jasmine, because I love her.”

The interviewed bizarrely included questions from the writings of legendary artist Andy Warhol, such as asking North what her favorite color was. Rather than just naming one, the star-to-be destroyed the whole concept of liking a singular color, in one short but incredible answer:


BOOM! Take that. You weren’t expecting her to crush it that badly, were you?

While not many four-year-olds will get interviewed by a major magazine during their time on this earth, North’s answers show that she is just a regular kid beneath all of the fame, fortune and designer clothes, and the fact that she just adores cheesy pizza as much as we do, makes her that little bit cuter.

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