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This new Twix spread is amazing and will make you reconsider your love for Nutella

Some people say you haven't lived until you have eaten a Nutella crepe, and by some people, I mean me.  Be it a sandwich, bagel or pizza, Nutella with pretty much anything is amazing. Add a little peanut butter and you're sent into another dimension when you take a bite.

There have been a plethora of recipes that centre around the hazelnut spread and its peers: cakes, brownies, loaves of bread and even weird combinations like Nutella sweet potato fries and Nutella bacon. The take-home message is we are crazy about the stuff.

I am yet to experience it, but what if we were to tire of the same old chocolate-hazelnut goodness? Yes, I've felt a little sickly from spreading a bit too much Nutella from time to time, but after a sip of coffee or water, I'm right back in it ready for round two, safe in the knowledge that I'm never going to stop eating the stuff.

Sometimes, though, I do wonder if anything will rival the spread the same way Pepsi has Coca-Cola and Pizza Hut has Papa John's and Dominos. Oddly nothing is ever put in the same league as Nutella.

As much as we all love our Nutella fix, sometimes we have to switch things up a bit. For days like those, we may have just found the answer and it's in the form of spreadable Twix.

The luscious spread is sprinkled with a healthy dose of crunchy cookie/biscuit pieces throughout to give you that genuine Twix taste of chocolate and sweet satisfying crunch. Rather like if chunky peanut butter had a Nutella equivalent.

Better yet, imagine if Nutella locked eyes with Twix in a bar, they hit it off straight away but had to break up because they both had other things going on, only to meet again in a different city a few years later, build a stronger relationship, get married and have a child. Twix spread is that child.

This dessert baby is a spreadable, buttery, chocolate-caramel medley, mixed with crunchy cookie pieces that will never leave you unsatisfied. Whats more, it's made from a pretty natural set of ingredients. Made from milk, sugar, flour butter and cocoa, it's not exactly healthy but it's not as processed as you might have thought, right?

Before everyone starts grabbing their keys to drive to their nearest grocery store, though, the Twix spread might be a little harder to come by than you might think. The jar of gooey deliciousness is only made and distributed in the U.K as of now.

With some effort and a keen sense of adventure, you may be able to find a jar or two in the US. It might be found in some Cost Plus World Market stores statewide and if you're really desperate you could pay a hefty delivery fee and buy it online.

In theory, we're probably supposed to spread it on some food, be it a piece of apple, or toast, or a biscuit. But in reality, really we're actually just planning to enjoy it straight from the jar, aren't we?