New Pink Gin Set To Take The World By Storm

Attention, gin lovers! Once again, the time has come to for us prove why our favourite tipple is the best spirit in the world. Gin is the "in" drink right now, sales of the good stuff in the UK topped a billion dollars last year, as more young people discover the beauty behind the G&T.

However, it's not just the UK that is jumping on the gin hype; gin exports to the US are also up 553 percent in the past decade, surpassing $200 million in 2015, as the drink that was formerly known as "mother's ruin" begins to infiltrate its way into the worldwide drinking scene.

The main criticism gin receives (other than it is too nice, making it dangerous) is that it's "too bitter", and it can't be blended with enough mixers. However, the game has now changed; those losers who moan about gin are going to have to shut their mouths, as the latest drop from legendary gin company Gordon's Gin is pure genius.

Gordon's Gin have released a limited edition pink gin, and it's safe to say it sounds and looks unbelievable. Firstly, anything that comes in a different color than usual is always going to be a success. Like, imagine if Coke released a bright green version of their famous drink, we would all rush down to our nearest shop to buy it. As such, by changing the color of their gin, Gordon's are already onto a winner. However, the real money-spinner here is that Gordon's have also changed the flavor of the liquor.

The premium distilled pink gin is said to be "crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon's with the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with the tang of redcurrant". Nasically, to put it simply: it's going to be really tasty.

Gordon's suggest serving the drink over loads of ice, and garnishing it with strawberries, which sounds pretty darn good right now. According the the company, the drink has been created so that everyone can enjoy a sweeter version of gin and tonic, so to all you losers who say it's too bitter: it's time to shut your noise.

As well as their previous serving suggestion, Gordon's also recommend trying out the Gordon's Pink Spritz, which is pink gin topped with lemonade, as well as prosecco for that extra boozy kick.

The limited edition drink is now available in supermarkets, and is priced at the reasonable price of $17. Anna Tedeschi, who is head of Gordon's (AKA she has the best job in the world) says that the company expect the drink to be successful in the UK market: "we are excited to launch this delicious new pink gin, inspired by the Spanish gin trend, which is to take the UK by storm."

I personally cannot wait to try this stuff and I'm sure that it'll fly off the shelves given the success of Gordon's other flavored gins: Sloe Berry and Elderflower. If you're like me and simply cannot get enough of gin, why not check out this gin flavoured ice cream which has arrived to cure all of your dessert woes.

Bottoms up!

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