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This new coffee cup doughnut is exactly what the world needs

A lot of head-scratching vessels have been used as coffee cups this year. We've had the avocado latte, the carrot cappuccino, and the pineapple slice coaster (of course). We've also had candy cane pizza and Flamin' hot Cheetos turkey, so it's safe to say 2017 has been a crazy year for food hybrids.

One thing you'd never expect to be the subject of drastic experimentation is the humble doughnut. The fried fluffy treat is amazing whichever flavor you prefer. Whether it's a sugary jam-filled pillow or a gloriously glazed ring from the gods, this pastry is hard to top. Have a cup of coffee with it and your taste buds (and serotonin levels) are sent to a whole new dimension.

What if I told you that some genius mad food scientist has managed to combine the two to make something heavenly? Here to take the coffee and pastry world by storm is the coffee cup doughnut, launched by the Kenilworth Bakery in Australia.

Kenilworth Bakery's coffee cup doughnut, created by barista Fernando Santi, is a hollowed-out cinnamon-dusted doughnut. If that wasn't enough, the hole is lined with Nutella and then filled with a shot of espresso, steamed milk and a lot of foam.

Sounds like the stuff of dreams right? Well, dreams can come true if you believe hard enough. Jenna Saunders, owner of the bakery cannot speak more highly about Santi, saying "Our new barista is out of this world,” in an interview with local news outlet Sunshine Coast Daily.

Sanders said Santi worked closely with her baking team for about a week to test the coffee cup doughnut idea. She's incredibly thrilled with the final result. I think the whole of Australia (and the world) are thrilled with this too.

The bakery previously generated some attention earlier in the year in October with a massive one-kilogram doughnut, made with over two pounds of dough and filling. In terms of doughnut news this year, far outshining the doughnut bouquet and 'Stranger Rings'.

Unlike the coffee-filled produce, we saw earlier this year, all of which were met with mixed reactions, the doughnut coffee cup has been received very well, likely because the combination actually makes sense and people are kicking themselves they didn't come up with it themselves.

While the idea of sipping a coffee from a scooped avocado sounds like a breakfast journalist's fever dream, filling a doughnut with coffee or hot chocolate seems just as normal as dunking the pastry in a drink.

If you can't fly, sail, or teleport your way to Australia to sample Kenilworth Bakery’s creation, it probably won't be too difficult to MacGyver up your own version of the coffee cup doughnut.

What you'll need to do is take a filled doughnut from your favorite bakery (jelly would probably be less messy than cream), or make your own doughnut, hollow it out, add a smear of Nutella and pour in a shot of espresso. I can't do anything about the leaking, unfortunately.