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Movie theaters now sell Cheetos popcorn and we think humanity has peaked

Christmas day movies - in the theatre rather than at home - are for two things: to avoid small talk with your family (which is why you didn't want to watch a movie at home with all of your uncle's intrusive questions) and for gathering conversation material for your co-workers when you return to the office.

It doesn't really matter what you see (good Christmas films are few and far between in my opinion), as long as the film allows one of those parameters to be filled. It helps if it's in close proximity too, so you can escape your uncle's questions and other loved ones quickly if you need to.

Allegiance to a theater chain may usually depend on these things but this may be about to change as one cinema just announced something big that may swing you their way. Regal cinemas are really looking to shake up the cinema-going world.

Beginning December 15, participating Regal cinemas nationwide will start selling Cheetos Popcorn, a neon combo of actual crunchy Cheetos and light Cheetos- flavored popcorn. 2017 may actually end on a high note.

It's the first nationwide movie theater partnership for the Cheetos brand and the concession has already been spotted in the wild during what was assumedly a trial run. I couldn't be more jealous of the people who have already got their hands on this.

Twitter user @cbranch89 posted a picture back in November, and after a local Fox outlet blasted it on Instagram, @cbranch89 posted a quintet of large boxes and captioned the post "Humanity has peaked".

User @rarebeauty_22 said she saw it at the Regal Majestic Stadium 20 in downtown Silver Spring, MD. There, the delicious mash-up has been a ballpark staple for a couple years now too. The nationwide release of this follows the successful release of several other Cheetos branded food.

Burger King collaborated with Cheetos to make Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos, a spicier version of their Mac and Cheetos released last year. The snacks are made of battered burger king mac and cheese rolled in the respective flavor of Cheetos.

That's not all, as there was also the release of the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving turkey recipe. Whilst not an official release from Cheetos, creator @Marlinchan emotes so much passion during his YouTube video tutorial, you would have thought it was sponsored content.

John Curry, Regal's senior vice-president of foodservice, calls the new popcorn its holiday gift to moviegoers. As lame as it sounds, I kind of agree. Syrupy butter popcorn (which isn't even actual butter) has had a good run. It's time for one emperor to fall and another to rise.

Don't fret - you can buy similar Cheetos Puff Corn for two dollars on Amazon if you're not able to make it to a Regal cinema, or simply can't be bothered to leave your resting place or holiday hibernation spot.