McDonald’s Workers Reveal Exactly What David Beckham Orders There

I like to think of myself as a cultured, well-informed and well-travelled individual, but there are some things that I haven’t seen that I’m pretty sure would blow my mind. I don’t have a bucket list, so to speak, but getting to sample a turducken (that’s a chicken stuffed inside a duck, which is then stuffed inside a turkey) or seeing the canals of Venice would rank right up there with spotting David Beckham inside a McDonald’s.

It just seems wrong. As a former athlete with the looks and physique of a model, I wouldn’t think David Beckham would be caught dead in a McDonald’s. A single Chicken McNugget looks as if it would probably cause a 100 percent increase in his overall body fat, while a super-sized Big Mac meal could very easily kill him.

At a drive-thru in the British city of Bath, however, the ex-soccer player was spotted taking his order, and the manager at this very lucky McDonald’s franchise revealed exactly what Becks ordered that fateful day.


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