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McDonald’s will make the “McVegan” burger a permanent menu item

Veganism really has exploded in 2017. So far we've had vegan Ben & Jerry's, vegan Pizza Hut and so much more. Not only that, many people want to follow the path of their favorite celebrities and become vegan too. Now, it looks like 2018 will be just as exciting for vegans as well.

Back in October, McDonald's joined the vegan movement when they announced that it would be trying out their first ever vegan burger, fittingly called the McVegan. Not long ago, that name would have read like something from a satirical science-fiction film.

Even today, the idea of vegan food at McDonald's would probably make some red meat-loving Americans wince - we all saw how the internet were driven crazy when they thought McDonald's had run out of bacon.

These reasons are probably why the McVegan was only tested in Finland, but it turns out that the Finnish really took to the McVegan, and now the meat-free burger is getting added to permanent menus and expanding its reach.

mcvegan in mcdonalds

Despite a small (and short) trial run in just one city - Tampere - over the course of just seven weeks, the McVegan has been billed as a huge success by the burger giant. A win they needed after McDonald's had pissed off so many people with their lack of Szechuan sauce. Let's also not forget about all those broken McFlurry machines.

Staffan Ekstam, Head of Food Strategy at McDonald’s in Sweden, said to Business Insider, “The test in Finland blew all the expectations out of the water. We can now offer our guests a vegan burger developed in Sweden. Our ambition is that there should be something on our menu for all of the 400,000 guests who visit us every day."

During the McVegan's development, tasting panels tried out and reviews over 100 different recipes - with the sole objective of perfecting the first vegan burger for the American food giant, which has a problem attracting Nordic millennials with its standard range of burgers. This problem seems to be slightly solved.

As a result, the McVegan is getting a full national rollout, not just in Finland but also in neighboring Sweden, where the burger was developed. There, the vegan offering will sell for 49 Swedish krona, which is roughly $5.80.

The vegan burger in Sweden looks to really whip up a storm as at 49 Swedish krona, it's less than other items on the menu and also cheaper than the vegetarian burgers being sold by a rival chain, Max.

While initial success is great and the spread of veganism looks unstoppable, it's still difficult to know whether the McVegan will spread beyond the Nordics into European territories and US franchises, as it's still a little too early to say.

But if the response to the one small-scale Finnish test is anything to go by, then the McVegan could be looking at a warm reception when it finally does hit US shores. Let's hope people are ready for it.