McDonald’s Just Released A Whole Menu Dedicated To Minions

I'm sure that we all have memories of the times that McDonalds partnered with famous brands, causing us to beg our poor parents to take us to get yet another happy meal. We would arrive at the famous fast-food chain eager to collect whatever novel plastic toy was on offer but sometimes, just sometimes, we'd receive something that was a cut above the clutter that we would normally get. Like when McDonalds partnered with Lego. Inside every kids meal, you would find miniature building blocks with which you could make creations to share and exchange with friends on the playground.

But if there is anything that kids these days love more than Lego, it's the Minions. McDonalds have partnered with Universal to serve up an entire menu dedicated to the small yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise to promote the new movie, Despicable Me 3. And the menu looks fantastic, regardless of whether you find the Minions annoying or endearing, I can guarantee that you're going to want to try out the adorable treats if only to have an excuse to venture into McDonalds...

So here's what to expect from the collaboration:

Firstly we have a minions themed ice cream. The yellow swirl and blue cone is designed to match the famous Minions' overall look. And the sherbet yellow ice cream is banana flavoured, naturally.

The Minions collaboration has even garnered its own hashtag on social media, #mcdgoesyellow

Next up, we have Minion shaped "potato nuggets" which look delicious. However, the downside may be that they are almost too cute to actually eat!

Looks like you've done a bit too well McDonalds...

And it doesn't just stop there. McDonalds have really delivered with this collaboration as they've put a twist on their classic apple pie by making it banana flavoured, because as you know, bananas are the Minions' favourite sweet treat.

Children and adults alike will be fawning over the treats hiding inside McDonalds' famous Happy Meals. The collaboration boasts a whole horde of interactive little Minions which you can collect. I'd certainly go in everyday to try and get my hands on every single one.

The little toys come in a host of different guises, assuming some of the most popular Minion personas from the series. And they all come with their own accessory, making it easy for you to customise your Minion to your taste.

If you're anything like me, you're probably all geared up to run to your closest Maccy D's but you may want to hold off because the collaboration is only available in Singapore.

If you're super desperate, make sure you book a flight now, before the menu leaves shelves. But if you can't afford that last minute flight to Singapore, I guess you could just settle for re-watching the Despicable Me series, once again...

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