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McDonald’s is giving away a Big Mac engagement ring worth $12,500

As Valentine's Day creeps around the corner, a few of you may already be thinking about what to get your significant other. Do you do make a grand gesture? Do you make it cute and subtle? Maybe you cook for them? I bet, however, that there are some of you out there that are even getting ready to propose.

How are you going to plan out your engagement? What type of engagement ring have you got? Thanks to McDonald's, the only engagement ring inspiration you'll ever need has arrived, and it's an 18K gold Big Mac. Bling Mac, if you will.

Created by McDonald's with jeweler Nadine Ghosn, the Bling Mac is a stackable ring inspired by, you guessed it, the Big Mac. Every layer represents a different part of the iconic burger, using diamonds for sesame seeds, Champagne brown diamonds as patties and even orange sapphires as the Special Sauce. It's absolute perfection.

Even more exciting than the fact that a Bling Mac exists, is that this $12,500 ring could be yours for absolutely nothing; that's right - for free. To celebrate the three Big Mac sizes - the Grand Big Mac, the Big Mac and the Mac Jr. - the fast food chain will be giving the jewelry to one very lucky and very creative customer.

To win, McDonald's is asking fans to write "vows to love" not to their partners, but to their Big Macs on Twitter, and to tag McDonald's with #BlingMacContest. In a press release, the chain says the most creative, witty and dramatic tweets will win.

On their Twitter account, McDonald's wrote: "love is in the air! Literally. With the aroma of the 3 Big Mac burgers. And we're celebrating with the Bling Mac—a gratuitously diamond-encrusted prize for the fan who tweets the best, most creative vows of Big Mac burger love to @McDonalds in the #BlingMacContest!"

Since the announcement yesterday, the 280-character poems have been pouring in. @shawnharper01 says: "the apotheosis of culinary decadence. You are an icon, a cultural phenomenon. 2 All-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. You truly are chef d'oeuvre. While many have attempted to copy you, you reign supreme! Long live the BigMac!"

@tylersonline took it old school, and wrote: "What smell, through yonder drive-thru breaks? It is the meat, and secret sauce is the best. Arise, window and indulge me in taste. What is already rich in scent, might be richer still in taste. If I could so much as nibble on the bun, I might experience divinity."

As many people who wrote odes to the Big Mac also questioned the whereabouts of the promotional Szechuan sauce McDonald's recently promoted. Fans of the show Rick and Morty have waited patiently for a big announcement promised by McDonald's, only to find out that instead of getting their precious McNugget sauce, they're getting something they can't even eat. For now, they'll just have to settle for the new Macs in town.