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McDonald’s have announced that a cheesy fan favourite is back for a limited time

We're all pretty familiar with the delicious food on offer at every branch of McDonald's around the world. You have the Big Mac, the McChicken, the Big Tasty. Filet O'Fish, if you're feeling... presidential. But I'd like to take a moment today to speak about one of the oft-forgotten aspects of the McDonald's experience: the appetizers.

Yeah, we're all very familiar with the french fries available at McDonald's (looking at my waistline, probably too familiar), but have you taken a look at the other items you can get alongside a delicious burger?

Yeah, some of those are apple slices or salads, and although those disgustingly healthy options might give you the urge to burn down the franchise where it stands, I'd hold off on the lighter fluid and matches... for now. McDonald's appetizers also include snack wraps, Chicken Selects, and if you head down there pretty soon, this delightful cheesy fan favorite.

You know what's better than cheese? Deep fried cheese. In the past, McDonald's have heard our heartfelt pleas for more cheese, and responded with the Mozzarella Dippers. They were amazing, and as the name suggested, they were perfect for dipping in sauce, whether that be ketchup, barbecue sauce or sweet and sour. But sadly, they were not with us for very long, and there's been a Mozzarella Dipper-shaped hole in my soul ever since.

However, that hole may be about to be filled once more, and I for one couldn't be happier.

McDonald's have confirmed that the Mozzarella Dippers would be back by popular demand, making their cheesy way to our paper bags and plates very, very soon. In fact, you could probably head to your nearest branch and pick one up right now. Take your cell phone with you so you can read the rest of this article. Hurry.

If you're out there in a loving, committed relationship, and were wondering what to get your significant other to show them you really care, then throw out the chocolates. They're overpriced, and they don't even improve your sex drive. No, instead take them to your nearest McDonald's, and get them some Mozzarella Dippers.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is as excited as I am to get some Mozzarella Dippers in them. Let's see the best of the Twitter reaction, to really get this hype train pulling away from the station.

Yes, my McDonald's-loving friends, ready your stomachs, get those sweatpants with the extra waistband slack; it's time to pig out at McDonald's once more. Well, I don't want to imply that there's ever a time not to pig out at McDonald's, but this time, you can at least pig out different, and that's got to count for something.

Well, there you have it, folks. Just when you thought that McDonald's could give you no more joy, there the Golden Arches go, surprising you yet another time. At this point, you should probably stop doubting McDonald's and their ability to make you happy.