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McDonald’s didn’t let this man order McNuggets, so he ordered 200 hash browns instead

Now, usually, if you told me that there was a period during the day that I couldn't order anything off the McDonald's menu, I would run home and curl up on my sofa in a deep state of depression. I would then return to that particular franchise two hours later, with a box of matches and gasoline to ensure nobody else would hurt like I did.

But when you consider that every morning, while you're on your way to work or sleeping off a stiff hangover, there's something special known as the McDonald's Breakfast Menu. I admit, I'm being a little obtuse; of course you've heard about the delicious McDonald's Breakfast.

But what happens when you try to order off the regular menu before 10:30? Usually, the staff helpfully tell you that they're not serving Big Macs or enough french fries to put you in a diabetic coma, at which point you're left with a choice. Do you order off the breakfast menu, or do you wait until lunchtime to sink your teeth into some delicious McDonald's? Of course, you could always do what this guy did.

For more, let's take a trip to Sydney in Australia. At a McDonald's drive-thru out in Epping, New South Wales, a man tried to order some McNuggets, as is his right. He was, however, denied by the Australian franchise, what with it being 4.50am and all. Refusing to be denied, this driver went ballistic, and proceeded to take four laps of the drive-thru, ordering a ton of hash browns on the second one.

By the time the cops arrived after responding to a 911 call, this guy was still sitting outside the restaurant, waiting for a whopping 200 hash browns and racking up a bill of around $230 AU. When they performed a breathalyzer test and found out he was over three times the legal limit, they arrested him pretty much on the spot.

Unsurprisingly, the 30-year-old had his license suspended, and will face Hornsby Court on November 30.

Although we can all laugh at this gentlemen and his arguably excessive reaction to being denied McNuggets in the wee hours of the morning, this isn't the first time that people have lost their minds over being stopped from ordering from the regular menu until after 10:30. So frequent is the public's dismay, McDonald's was actually forced to explain why they don't usually serve the Breakfast Menu along their regular fare.

"We only have the capacity to cook one set of products at a time. Breakfast and main menu items cook at different temperatures and we need the same set of equipment to cook sausage and eggs and beef patties. We also would not cook beef and pork on the same grill at the same time. There is limited space in the kitchen and we have the maximum amount of grills at the moment in all our restaurants."

Makes sense when you think about it, right? Now that you know the honest truth, I hope that you react a lot better to being told you can't order McNuggets. It's a tough rejection to take, but I know you have the emotional strength to survive. Just be sure not to order 200 hash browns. That seems like an extraordinary number of hash browns to order.

Don't do that.