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McDonald’s have announced that it’s finally time for the return of a fan-favorite

Okay everybody, welcome to day 52 of 2018. Not only are Christmas and New Year's Day way back in the distance, but now, President's Day and Valentine's Day are now done for another year. Your New Year's Resolution will have sunk or swam, and if you're still writing "2017" instead of "2018" as the date, it's officially at the point where it gets worrying.

But as the days get brighter and the first shoots of Spring start to reveal themselves, there's a holiday looming large on the horizon that will make March that bit better. If you're a fan of sitting at home doing nothing, then this holiday might not be for you. St Patrick's Day is around the corner, and whether you're Irish, pretending to be Irish or just a big fan of parties, March is a very important month.

Now, for most people, St Patrick's Day is a time for copious drinking, drunken fighting or simply launching emerald-colored puke into the street, but for me, it can only mean one thing: the return of the Shamrock Shake to McDonald's. With its vanilla-peppermint flavor and trademark green hue, the Shamrock Shake is all I look forward to for the first three months of the year, and now, the wait is officially over.

First introduced to the adoring public back in 1970, the Shamrock Shake has stood alongside the McRib as one of the limited-edition offerings at McDonald's that are around often enough for us to want them, but never for long enough for us to get comfortable. With March fast approaching, we heard nothing from our friends at the Golden Arches, but that didn't mean there weren't hints.

First sighting. February 7, on the hotbed of up-to-date information for all things food: Twitter. A user by the name of Diesel Farm Girl (@_DieselFarmGirl) showed us the photo above, and before long, other members of the Twitterati reported similar sightings.

"We must be getting closer to spring!" exclaimed Camden Proud, while Mike Betts from New Florence in Pennsylvania tantalizingly teased our tastebuds by tweeting "Ohhh sooo good!" to the gathered masses. Could it be? Could our favorite McDonald's shake be making its triumphant return?

Yes: as Elite Daily revealed via an official McDonald's press release, February 21 marks the day that Shamrock Shakes officially returned to the McMenu, and I couldn't be more excited. It's like I've found a four-leaf clover, people. I'm so excited I could do an Irish jig. I won't, though.

Every year, we all go through the rollercoaster of emotions waiting for our long-lost love to return, and this year, we can expect the Shamrock Shake to disappear at a similar time of the year; somewhere toward the tail-end of March. But starting next year, we'll be able to know ahead of time when the Shamrock Shake will return, thanks to the gift of technology.

McDonald's have revealed they're coming out with a "Shamrock Shake finder app", and in a press release, said: “Fans simply need to download the app and from there, locate participating restaurants locations, swap Shamrock Shake-themed stickers and raise a shake with friends to toast St. Patrick's Day.”

I don't know about you, but that's the best news I've heard all year! Happy Saint Paddy's Day in advance, folks: I'm sure that like me, you'll be Lovin' It.