Mars And Snickers Ice Cream Tubs Have Just Landed

Mars Bars. They’re nice, right? And what about everyone’s favourite nutty chocolate bar, Snickers? Pretty tasty, I’m sure you’ll agree. However, there’s been something missing from these two delectable treats for a while now. That thing, ladies and gentlemen, is being frozen and sold in a tub.

Thankfully for all you ice cream addicts out there, Mars have just announced that their Mars Bar and Snickers ice creams will finally be available in tub form – great news for those of you who have been known to sink an entire pint of ice cream before bed. If this isn’t the most exciting chunk of ice cream news you’ve heard all year, I don’t know what is.

So what do you get for your hard-earned cash? Well, the Mars ice cream tub will feature an irresistible combination of real dairy ice cream, and smooth caramel and milk chocolate pieces. Fancy something a little nuttier? The Snickers tub will come packed full of chocolate, roasted peanuts, and caramel ice cream.

The decision to start selling tubs of ice cream makes total sense, because according to Mars, ice cream tubs account for 43 per cent of Mars’ ice cream sales in the UK. Phil Shaw, general manager for Mars Ice Cream said: “It’s clear that tubs, and share-at-home products are driving growth within the ice cream category. The MARS and SNICKERS brands are well-loved by consumers, and lead the category in bars – so the new tubs are sure to be a winning combination!

“With eye-catching packaging and familiar brand appeal, we are sure that the tubs will bring consumers to the frozen aisle and will soon become a favourite, of consumers and retailers alike – emulating the success of our bars.”

Sadly, these little beauties are only available in the UK for now, and there’s no word yet on when they’ll be available in the US and Canada. The tubs are available as we speak from national supermarket chain ASDA, and will set you back just £3.00 ($3.75).

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