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Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Daily Schedule Will Make You Feel Like A Giant Ball Of Lard

Thanks to social media, we have a never-before-seen glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. In days gone by, we could only imagine how the likes of Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro spent their free time, but now this information is rarely more than a few clicks away for their modern counterparts. Now, one of Hollywood's most ripped actors has now revealed his insane daily schedule.

Taking to Instagram, actor Mark Wahlberg, best known for his roles in action movies like Ted (2012) and the Transformers franchise, explained just how he got the ripped body that we associate with the 47-year-old.

While it may look like it takes some serious effort to stay in such great shape, in reality, Wahlberg pays a much heavier price than any of us could have ever imagined - including getting up at 2:30 am to work out TWICE.

So what exactly prompted the actor to explain how he spends his days? Well, it was all the result of one curious fan asking him that very question - although there's no doubt that they weren't expecting an answer anywhere near this insane.

Waking up at the ridiculously early time of 2:30 am AKA the middle of the night when the rest of us are tucked up in bed, Wahlberg spends the first 15 minutes of his day getting ready before praying. He then chomps down on some breakfast when most people are still asleep and begins his first workout at a time when only the most dedicated of gym bunnies would even consider hitting the treadmill - 3:40 am.

As any person who regularly works out knows, exercise can be hungry work, so when the earliest risers among us are only just beginning to wipe the sleep away from our eyes, Wahlberg is enjoying his second meal of the day at 5:30 am.

It's at this point that the actor's day finally involves something other than eating and working out, and once he's suitably filled up after his workout, he takes a shower at 6:00 am.

Now, I'm far from lazy, but this routine sounds exhausting.

Instead of settling down to read the news or relax in front of the TV, Wahlberg is then on his feet again and playing golf by 7:30 am. This too works up a serious hunger in the actor, so he then schedules in a snack at 8 am.

While this does sound pretty arduous, nothing about it gets weird... Until 9 am.

As hard as it is to believe, the actor then indulges in Cryo chamber recovery for a full hour - before another snack, obviously.

It's only at 11 am that the 47-year-old even contemplates interacting with other people, and, from then until 1 pm, he schedules himself time for his family, meetings and those all important work calls he's presumably working out so hard for.

While this doesn't exactly seem like a lot of time for family, it's nice to see that the actor does make a point of picking his kids up from school every day. It just goes to show that you're never too busy to make time for the ones you love.

Wahlberg is pictured below with his wife Rhea Durham. They have four children together, Ella, 15, Michael, 12, Brendan, nine, and Grace, eight.

After Wahlberg picks his kids up, he has yet another snack (God knows why it takes him half an hour to eat it - presumably it's a full meal in and of itself). Then, ladies and gentlemen and non-binary folks, he has his second workout of the day.

After working up a sweat, he has another shower, spends some time with his family before finally going to sleep at 7:30 pm.

While there's no doubt that Wahlberg's schedule is insane, he admittedly doesn't look too different from his days as a Calvin Klein model 30 years ago.

And, naturally, fans of the actor had a lot to say about his crazy schedule on Twitter. Many of whom had questions about how the actor allocates his time. Others simply felt like giant balls of lard compared to the buff 47-year-old.

"Mark Wahlberg claims he golfs 18 holes in an hour and a half and I have questions about that @markwahlberg," wrote @CatMeagher.

"I saw a schedule that Mark Wahlberg follows every day and wow what a way to make me feel like a complete ball of grease," remarked @uhgottadime.

"Mark Wahlberg it's now past your bedtime," joked @followtheh. "Let's go lights out."

"Why does Mark Wahlberg get up at 2:30 a.m. if he has 90minutes [sic] scheduled for a shower at 7?" questioned @1ztBornUnicorn.

So, how does your own schedule match up to Wahlberg's? One thing's for sure - I could certainly do a lot more with my time if my days were as meticulously planned out as his. So maybe I'll take a leaf out of his book, but I'll be giving those two workouts a miss...