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Man wins prestigious award for “outstanding services to bacon”

When you think of game changers in the food industry, it's pretty much impossible to ignore the rise of home delivery services. Before, if you were hungry with the scarcity of food at home reflective of your desire to leave the house or put on pants, you were pretty much limited to pizza deliveries, or the odd Chinese takeaway. Not exactly bad, but not perfect either.

Now, with the advent of apps like UberEATS, you can now bring the restaurant to you, with gourmet restaurants and McDonald's alike now just a fingertip away. Modern technology is pretty great, isn't it? In the midst of all that, though, I'd like to invite you to spare a thought for the person delivering your order.

Knocking on doors all over the country delivering nourishment and joy to all, they usually come in cars or motorcycles, but I always admire those who deliver food by bicycle. That kind of elbow grease dedicated to my hunger is always impressive, and finally, one man in the UK has received the recognition he truly deserves.

Meet Stephen Grice. He hails from the town of Newport in Shropshire, and in his life, he has two passions. One of those is cycling; as you can see above, Stephen is not unfamiliar with a nice bit of lycra, and regularly gets on his bike with the Newport Shropshire Cycling Club (NSCC).

Cycling is cool and all, but Stephen's second passion is a lot more interesting, and a lot more pertinent to this article: he spends a great deal of his waking hours reviewing bacon sandwiches, so the adoring public knows when and where to get one of food's most simple pure and perfect creations. Truly God's work.

He's been reviewing bacon sandwiches for two years, a time period exceeding that of many a romantic relationship, and a commitment that's certainly just as fulfilling. Not only that, when fate whispers his name, Stephen Grice combines his twin loves in the best possible way, using his bicycle to deliver bacon sandwiches to whomever needs them most.

Long story short, Grice is a bacon crusader of the highest order, and it's only fitting that a major trade body has recognized him with an award for Outstanding Services to Bacon. Love Pork is the organization dedicated to supporting the British pig farming industry, and at a dinner for the NSCC last week, they presented Grice with his award, as well as a squeezy stress pig and sausage-themed boxer shorts. Everybody's dream, really.

Talking about his recognition afterward, Stephen Grice was typically modest, expressing his slight surprise at being awarded, but all the while reiterating his undying love for bacon.

"There are various awards, and this year I was given a special one. When they started talking about bacon sandwiches, I realised what was going on. I just love bacon sandwiches and want to find the best ones and spread the word. I suppose it’s nice for people to see that."

Well, kudos to you, Stephen Grice. The bacon industry owes you so much. Keep fighting the good fight. As for the rest of us, Grice's story stands as a reminder: not all wear capes. They wear lycra instead.