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Man Couldn’t Eat For Two Days After Finding “Anus” In $1.89 Tinned Curry

We humans are a picky bunch. For this reason, we waste so much food simply because it doesn't look "appealing" - and this goes for parts of animals too. While, in an ideal world, the entire animal would be used for food (even if it was just pet food), it's a pretty understandable side effect of the meat industry.

I mean, would you be down for chewing on an animal's tail, eyeballs, or worse, their anus? I don't think so.

Us humans are also pretty picky about what animals we eat. That's why there was so much uproar when horse meat was found being sold as beef in UK supermarket products a few years ago. We will happily eat Daisy the cow, but God forbid we accidentally eat an ounce of Seabiscuit - even though we aren't willing to shell out for well-raised and good quality meat.

Case in point, this dude who paid a measly $1.89 (£1.50) for a can of beef curry only to find that it contained an "anus".

Now, while we can all agree that no one wants to accidentally eat a butthole (or maybe you do, no judgments here), logic does dictate that raising, feeding, and slaughtering an animal as big as a cow means that mistakes will slip through the net, or, in this instance, meat grinder.

Whether that mistake is horse meat instead of cow, or a cheeky little bit of butthole...

The grim discovery was made by Support worker Andrew Lee, pictured above, when he was halfway through his no doubt delicious - and suspiciously too affordable - beef curry.

After chomping on mouthful after mouthful, he discovered the "greyish skin colored tube" which he described as being reminiscent of  "belly button or cat's anus".

Horrified, Lee contacted the supermarket chain he purchased the meal from, Tesco, and he was quickly informed by the retailer that what he'd discovered was most likely not an anus, but a large blood vessel.

And, to get to the bottom of the mystery, Tesco asked him to send the, er, "sample" to them for further investigation.

Lee, who is from Swansea in Wales, said that he was so sickened by the "anus" that he was unable to eat for two whole days.

The 30-year-old said: "It looked like a belly button or cat's anus. It was a shock. It's the first time I've noticed something like that before."

"There was the beginning of a tube then it was cut off. There was a bit of string on it too. It's weird. I don't think it's fat - it's super smooth. The texture is like silk.

"Someone said it could be a blood vessel, but do they get that big?

"I'd already eaten half of my dinner before I found it and I felt sick. It'd been sat on my plate. I picked it up on the fork first and noticed the color was different. It was like greyish skin colored.

"You could tell it wasn't beef. Well, it could be beef, but not 'meat beef'."

"Normally you don't get any kind of fat or anything. I've never had anything odd in there before. I couldn't eat for about two days after that. It's the first diet that's worked.

"I normally love the beef curry with some jasmine rice and poppadoms. It's quite tasty. But I won't be having those tins again and I won't look at cats the same either."

Lee complained about his discovery in a humorous way online, writing that his loss of appetite was so extreme that "it was somewhat of a biblical occurrence", because he assumed that the supermarket chain wouldn't reply.

And speaking of gross things being found in food:

But it turns out that Tesco takes customer experience very seriously, even with its cheap products, and the chain immediately replied to Lee, writing, "I would suggest... taking this product with the thing and receipt into your local store for this to be investigated properly by my colleagues at the customer service desk."

Of the response, Lee said, "Tesco even replied calling it a 'thing.' It made me feel worse if they're taking it so seriously too."

"After the Facebook post, people were messaging me about it in disgust as if I'd found a new species. I'm worried. I have no idea what it is.

"When I wrote the post, I didn't think anyone would reply - I just thought it'd be funny. They said to go into a local Tesco and give it to them. I've kept everything safely in my fridge."

"I showed my partner who was there at the time and he was horrified.

"I had a tin of tomatoes once and there were caterpillars in there so it works either way. I won't go veggie anytime soon."

A spokesperson for Tesco said: "Our supplier has confirmed that the piece of beef in question is part of a blood vessel."

"We have apologized to Andrew and have asked him to return the product in question to their local store so we can investigate this further."

And while the "anus" might (emphasis on the might) have been nothing more than an innocuous enough blood vessel, I think I'll be sticking to my vegetarian diet for the foreseeable future.

Godspeed, meat-eaters. Godspeed.