Maltesers Are Now Selling Luxury Chocolate Boxes To Appeal To Your Inner Fancy Pants

If you’re anything like me, then your love for Maltesers will be roughly equal for the love you’d expect to feel for your first born child. They’re sweet, always pleasing and can make anyone happy, just like a child. Right? If anything, they’re better. Maltesers would never throw up on your favourite top, and that’s a fact.

Maltesers have now officially proven they’re the best by releasing a next level version of their signature chocolates. They’re called Malteser luxury chocolates, and sound absolutely dreamy. Instead of a box full of your favourite malted chocolate balls, the box contains 16 Celebrations-style chocolates full of “malty deliciousness, crunch wager and smooth milk chocolate”. Well, I’m sold.

A Maltesers spokesperson described the new chocolate as “a malty chocolate centre surrounded by a wafer shell, and real Maltesers pieces with a smooth outer milk-chocolate coat.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re in the UK, you can buy a box for £7.00 ($8.80) from your local Debenhams. No word yet on if they’re going to be released in the UK or Canada any time soon. The chocolates won’t be available online so you’ll have to stop by your local store to grab a box.

I have to hand it to Mars. Their product development team are really onto a winner here. I know from experience that the first chocolate to run out of a box of Celebrations is the Maltesers chocolate, so I’m glad that I finally don’t have to fight with my siblings over the last one. Sadly, however, I think my summer body might be compromised now that these chocolates are being sold to the general public.

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