Magical Floating Noodles Are The Next Food Trend To Hit America

It’s not the smartest idea to play with your food. If my mom has taught me anything, it’s that nothing goes well if you fire a well-aimed chip in the direction of your sibling. My siblings, on the other hand, taught me how to dodge a well-aimed chip, which the dog would always catch. Our food fights benefited everyone involved, trust me.

Neptune’s Raw Bar in Artesia, California, US, evidently haven’t got the memo about playing with your food because they’ve come up with a culinary dish that looks like it’s been taken straight out of Penn and Teller’s magic book. Introducing: floating noodles.

Originally invented by Hana restaurant in Singapore, the dish eventually swept across Asia and became incredibly popular in its own right. The floating noodle dish relies on one simple premise, that the noodles are floating and hanging off two chopsticks which are suspended in the air. In reality, the floating noodles hide a pole which keeps the chopsticks suspended. Sorry to ruin the dream.

Typically, floating noodles come with either soba noodles or somen noodles, but Neptunes Raw Bar in Artesia are offering the dish in three varieties: garlic shrimp, deep fried soft-shell crab and chicken katsu. I’d like to formally request for Neptunes to fly over a few samples of each dish, just to taste test. I bet they’re all delicious.

It’s an optical illusion which you can then eat. Someone tell me why this hasn’t been invented sooner? I can just imagine the awe on a kids face when their floating noodles are handed to them by the server. It’s pretty magical stuff, I tell you. If you’re in the Artesia area, make sure to swing by Neptunes Raw Bar for a truly magical meal.

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