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Kylie Jenner’s cake for Travis Scott’s birthday was the cutest thing ever

Birthdays mean different things for different people, but one thing that's pretty common across the board is that we all like to enjoy a birthday cake. For example, I ate an entire cheesecake when I turned another year older, but that was less because I was feeling festive and more because it was going out of date and I didn't want to waste it.

It was not a fun experience.

As I doggedly chewed through bite after bite of cookie base and sweet cheese, I started to think about other birthday cakes, and which celebrity I'd like to bake them for me. Anthony Bourdain? Maybe. Gordon Ramsay? Yeah, maybe if I wanted to be called an "idiot sandwich" or a "f*cking moron" all the way through my birthday.

One celebrity I didn't think of, however, was Kylie Jenner. While the idea of the 21-year-old socialite baking you a cake may seem like a one-way ticket to Salmonella City (population: you), the new mom to baby Stormi is actually not that terrible a cook, if you take baby-daddy Travis Scott's word for it.

Plus, if she can produce a cake half as adorable as the one she baked for Travis Scott's birthday, then I wouldn't mind one bit. Rapper Scott turns 26 today (Monday April 30), so his girlfriend decided to throw a party for him over the weekend. As we all know, there ain't no party like a Kardashian party, because a Kardashian party has food.

So for his birthday, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner took a trip to Six Flags, because Scott had never been to the amusement park before and that's no good for a grown man in his 20s even if he isn't a famous rapper with all of the money. So he got to experience Six Flags as only those people who keep up with the Kardashians can: an all-access pass to try out all the rides without those damn lines.

Kanye West tweeted his congratulations to Scott for completing his 26th year of life, and in his post, he revealed the birthday cake that Scott got to chow down on. It's pretty adorable, I have to say: the cake has a picture of Travis' young family on an amusement park ride, recreated in delicious fondant. Stormi Jenner wasn't in attendance at Six Flags, but the little baby was with Travis Scott on this cake. Probably in his heart as well, I guess.

Even if you're not particularly a fan of the Kardashians, you have to admit that this is a lovely gesture from Kylie, who recreated the scene in some pretty impressive detail (notice the tattoos on fondant Travis' arms?). But that's not all, cake lovers. Not by a long shot.

You see, growing up, the Six Flags closest to Travis Scott was the AstroWorld in Houston Texas. But the Houston Chronicle says this shut down in 2005. So, when planning her boyfriend's birthday, Kylie thought she'd recreate the Six Flags closest to his heart. She did that by making sure guests wore sweaters celebrating Travis' birthday and hometown, adoring everyone with Astro World-themed memorabilia.

She also made sure the cake was Astro World themed, as well.

Aww, isn't that just the sweetest?

We like to think of the Kardashians as these social media machines, taking charge of Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter with ease, clogging up our news feeds and television screens in the process. But it's easy to forget that they're people just like us, and although she does a lot for the cameras, Kylie Jenner appears to genuinely care for Travis Scott. I'd imagine he had the best birthday, and that cake must have been a huge part of it.