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Kylie Jenner reveals the one food she craved the most during her secret pregnancy

In case you were too busy watching the Super Bowl or something, the news is out that Kylie Jenner delivered a baby girl on February 1. To be fair to you, she did keep the whole thing under wraps for nine months and the Super Bowl usually does give precedence to a tasty plethora of food and sweet commercials (even if you don't like sport).

She announced the news on social media; the first official confirmation that a baby had ever been on board. In a very cute 11-minute video montage she shared to accompany the big delivery news, Kylie also offered a bit of insight into her pregnancy diet and cravings while she was expecting.

Speaking about her pregnancy cravings in the homage to her daughter, Kylie revealed she'd inherited a hankering for a very famous fast food joint since becoming pregnant.

She admits she's not exactly craving kale. In fact, she says that fast food chain In-N-Out was her poison during her pregnancy, and she’s hardly alone in those feelings among cult followers of the chain, pregnant or not.

When asked by a doctor what she'd been eating, the 20-year-old says: "It's just In-N-Out - it just tastes so good." Going on to say the fast-food chain “literally tastes like… it's the best thing." I don't tend to agree with everything Kylie says, but there are no disputes here. Even as the doctor told her she should "never" be eating the Californian burger chain’s food.

She was told she’d gained 20 pounds – but was then informed she should healthily gain 28-30 pounds to help have a good pregnancy. "So yeah, eight more pounds," Kylie playfully gagged, suggesting she could eat as many In-N-Outs as she wanted as long as she stayed within range. I can imagine it wasn't met with the reception she wanted from the doc but it's still funny. Who cares, I say! Eat all the In-N-Out you need. Not that I'm a medical professional or anything.

Kylie also shows fans a clip of her ordering a double cheeseburger and french fries (a classic and my go-to) at an In-N-Out drive through with friends. After getting their food, the group in the car agrees to keep the windows rolled up so they can "bask in the aroma" of all that fast food goodness. Now this squad I can get down with.

In another holiday dinner scene, Kylie's seen eating a plate of food with two burgers “one for me and one for the baby, and two different fries because I like regular fries and she really likes sweet potato fries.” There’s also mac and cheese, greens, and ribs (well, just one rib) on the plate - only the best comfort food for the new reality show royalty.

Apologizing to fans for keeping them in the dark, she said: "My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world. I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how." You are officially forgiven, Kylie. Also, if Kylie eats In-N-Out burgers to get rid of stress, so can I. Don't judge me with my three double cheeseburgers, people. I'm going through something.