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Kourtney Kardashian reveals how much she eats in a single day

Like a shiny rare Pokémon, the body of a Kardashian is something that is coveted, overtly idolized and keenly sought after. It's public knowledge that the family follow restrictive diets and intense workout regimens to maintain their figures, and with all the modeling and beauty endorsements, they seem to be paying off.

Kourtney watches what she eats to such a precise point that even Khloe, the most cray of her sisters, has called her out on her eating habits. In a recent post on her app, Kortney revealed what she eats in a day as part of her detox, and it's not a whole lot.

The reality TV star's detox plan - which she advises her app subscribers to do only after checking with a medical professional - gives new meaning to the word restrictive. Prisoners in the darkest of holes in North Korea probably get given more.

The diet calls for eating "minimal amounts of fruit" and hardly any carbs; grains, beans and legumes are all off the menu - all according to an interview she gave to People. Kourtney does allow herself (and you, by extension of the app) to eat proteins and healthy fats.

A typical day of her meal plan has you eating three meals a day (a surprise, I must say) with no snacks in between. For breakfast, Kourtney usually has her famous avocado pudding - this is right before she works out (usually with Khloé).

The protein and fat in the avocado is perfect for a pre-workout, she claims. Simply blend an organic avocado, a tablespoon of organic cane sugar, half a cup of organic whole milk and a tablespoon of organic manuka honey. Add some pistachios, if you're feeling fancy.

For lunch and dinner, it's some combination of proteins with vegetables. Kourtney's favorites are usually fish or chicken, with a side of cauliflower rice or broccoli. Weirdly, after dinner, Kourtney claims that she must wait at least 14 to 16 hours post-dinner before she eats breakfast. This is probably in order to ensure optimum fat burning before she breaks fast for breakfast.

Even more alarming, People reports that Kourtney has "fasting days", in which she drinks just bone broth and water once a week. She said that she tries to start busy on those days, and avoid going into the kitchen. Body goals or not, it certainly doesn't sound healthy.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said that after her doctor detected high quantities of mercury and lead in her system, she had been following a detox diet on and off for a few months, according to People. Kourtney also said that she detoxes so that her body can burn through "fatty acids for energy"

It's clear to see why Khloe called her sister crazy. Kourtney has some good fundamental diet ideas, but her plan is radical and tailored to her lifestyle. As much as everyone wants a slice of that lifestyle, make sure you accommodate the plan to your needs and preferences. Don't forget a cheat meal from time to time either.