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Kim Kardashian raves about new diet shake in racy new Instagram post

By now, we all know that when it comes to breaking the internet, loads of people may try, but there's only really one queen - Kim Kardashian West. It doesn't really matter what she's doing: put her face or body next to something and people will come in their millions.

The reality star has never been shy about flaunting her curves (you only have to go on her social media to see what I mean) and there's nothing new about KKW sporting a body-baring ensemble. But her latest Instagram post is still a must-see.

In an Instagram advertisement for a diet shake program, Kardashian West stripped down to her underwear while sipping on the beverage. She did this all while barefoot, and in what appears to be a utility kitchen but, to be honest, I didn't notice any background for a really long time.

They say milk does the body well, and Kim Kardashian definitely has a great example of this to show off. In the picture, the soon to be mother-of-three flaunts her curves in nothing but a white bra and thong. She also somehow makes drinking milk look incredibly sexy.

The post is a promotion for meal replacement shakes from flattummyco. In it, she claims the product is the reason for her flat stomach saying: "I’m on Day 9 of my Shake It Baby program from @flattummyco and I’m actually feeling so good."

She continues by saying: "We had a massive Christmas this year and between my Mom's party, Christmas and New Years… I felt like it was impossible to fit in my regular work outs and eat healthy. But this program is giving me a kick in the right direction that I need. These meal replacement shakes are so good and it’s helping me get my tummy back to flat in the new year."

Whilst no one can argue with the results, people have been kicking up a fuss about the location of the shoot. Some of her followers asked if she was posing in a prison kitchen, while others slammed the barefoot pose as a hygiene violation.

@itsjamiestone wrote: "Your body is actual fire but let's be real and admit this is a prison kitchen with those floor mats." @diva_doll83 commented: "That kitchen looks grimie! How can you have your feet on the floor" and @whatthetammy mused, "what the industrial kitchen is going on." Something to really consider once, you get past the body.

While Kardashian West's barely-there outfits are a mainstay, the beauty mogul is constantly changing up her hair. And although she revealed that Kanye prefers her as a blonde, she may be contemplating an entire different look.

After a fan edited a picture of what Kim would look like as a redhead, the reality star posted: “OMG should I try a color?” Whilst her platinum hair is pretty great I must admit Kim looks just as good, if not better as a red. But as long as pictures like this keep coming, I don't think a lot of people will argue that much over hair color.