KFC’s Space Sandwich Mission Comes To An Abrupt End

In today's cutthroat world of marketing, your average brand has to work extra hard to engage their customers, lest they express dissatisfaction with your product or service and defect to a competitor. It's difficult to find a company worth its salt without a prominent online presence, but there's a humble chicken restaurant who have gone the extra mile when it comes to bizarre publicity stunts.

Back in May, KFC released Tender Wings of Desire, which was a romance novel featuring the figurehead of the chicken empire, Colonel Sanders, and they've followed that up by going boldly where no man has gone before (with chicken). Chickens can't fly for very long, however, and that appears to apply just as much if that chicken is deep fried; the Zinger sandwich they sent into orbit had to come crashing down just 17 hours into its journey.


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