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KFC’s newest ‘Double Down’ is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

You’ve heard of the KFC Double Down, no doubt because of its sheerly excessive qualities. Two pieces of fried chicken - sandwiching cheese, bacon and creamy sauce - make for a messy and fascinating meal. If at any particular time you're in the mood for fried chicken and one fillet isn't enough for you, this is what you need.

Not that anyone asked for it, but KFC Canada’s newest creation is a beast of a sandwich that somehow just makes sense. It’s the Waffle Double Down, and it’s available beginning March 26 in the Great White North for a limited time.

According to KFC, Canadians are not only Double Down-obsessed, but they’ve been demanding chicken and waffles on the menu. So the company, in a stroke of genius, decided to turn their signature sandwich of excess into something that would please everybody.

A while back, the UK complained that they felt left out on the double down life and rallied to Twitter to complain to KFC. After a seven-ish year wait, the good times came and KFC finally fulfilled this wish. But Canadians, it seems, didn't even have to ask for it.

In this manwich, two pieces of fried chicken take the place of bread, while a Belgian waffle sits comfortably between them, soft and spongy, cushioning the heft of its crispy captors. The whole thing gets slathered with a maple aioli sauce, because this is Canada, after all.

The Waffle Double Down is definitely not the first variation on this artery-clogging beast; that title would belong to the Zinger Double Down - two pieces of chicken sandwiching a bacon cheeseburger. In Korea, it's called the King (and rightly so).

Don’t live in Canada? Head to your local chicken and waffles joint, and manipulate your meal into sandwich form. If you don’t have a local chicken and waffles joint, you could always whip one up at home if you're desperate.

KFC's head chef, Bob Das has been with KFC for 19 years and has some tips to make sure you cook the best chicken you can at home. When trying to cook fried chicken, always ensure you before you start that you marinate your chicken beforehand. Whatever flavorings you use, marinating the chicken for two hours or more allows your meat to soak up the flavor. A good marinade for KFC style chicken would be a buttermilk marinade.

Das also suggests you season your flour. He leaves little reasoning as to why, but I believe you shouldn't leave good tasting chicken to chance. Flour is a very good base to add extra flavor to, and in the architecture of some fried chicken recipes (flour-marinade-flour for example) you can double and even triple the flavor of your chicken if you season your flour well.

Once you have seasoned your meat and are ready to cook, Das says: "Cook the chicken at a medium-high heat so that it gets crispy but doesn’t burn." The flour helps somewhat in stopping your chicken from going dry and burning too quickly, but if this part of the process isn't done right, it goes without saying that your chicken won't be as good as it could be. Happy clucking.