KFC Open Boutique Selling $20k Sandwich Carved From A Meteor

2017 is either an absolutely amazing or absolutely horrid time to be alive. Brands are running out of marketing ideas, and while it's pushing them to new creative heights, it's also the reason that things like this happen. KFC, in an attempt to bring customers closer to Colonel Sanders, has launched an online boutique, KFC Limited. The site sells exclusive KFC merchandise, including drumstick socks, a "Finger-Lickin' Good" necklace, a Colonel Sanders pillow, and more. But that isn't the scary part...

The site is also selling a meteorite carved into the shape of a chicken sandwich for $20,000. Seriously, this is not a joke. They have taken a real 400-year-old chuck of meteorite and carved into the shape of the famous KFC Zinger sandwich, celebrating the sandwich's recent arrival in America (for Americans who are not yet familiar, the Zinger is a spicy chicken sandwich).

The meteorite was created with Wieden & Kennedy, the company who did the carving, and was described on the website as follows:

This one-of-a-kind meteorite is a real, space-made meteorite from space. Sculpted by the harsh elements that exist in the vastness of space (and then later by three artists named Haley, Scott, and Mike), this Zinger chicken sandwich-shaped meteorite has all the Zinger chicken sandwich-shaped details you've come to expect from the Zinger chicken sandwich. Don't miss your chance to own this very significant and very heavy piece of chicken sandwich space travel history.

Why a meteorite? Well to commemorate the Zinger chicken sandwich's recent trip to space, of course! Yes, you read that correctly. If you hadn't already heard, KFC literally launched a chicken sandwich into space as celebration of its "launch" in the States. The sandwich was placed into a stratospheric high altitude balloon and successfully reached spacial altitude. Yeah, KFC really wants people to buy this sandwich.

Why is it $20,000? Great question! Well, we can only assume that meteors are made of a somewhat precious material, and this bad boy is the only one of its kind. After all, they did describe it as "very significant" to "chicken sandwich space travel history". Exactly how extensive will this history be? Only time will tell.

When asked whether the $20,000 sandwich was a joke or if they actually expected someone to buy it, KFC's U.S. director of media and digital, Steve Kelly, laughed and (confusingly) replied, "yes and yes." Apparently KFC is mainly hoping to break even with the sandwich, with the main goal of all of this truly being to market the brand extensively. "The demand may be there, but we're not trying to turn it into that," said Kelly. "We want to make this more about love for the brand and building more of the rapport we had when KFC first started."

While most would probably view this as some sort of ironic art, if you happen to know someone who is simultaneously obsessed with fried chicken and spacial matter, this could be the perfect gift for them. It's a niche audience, sure, but knowing the state of the world today, there's not a doubt in my mind that someone will buy this thing.

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