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KFC hits back over revolting ‘maggots in my chicken’ claim from customer

There's nothing worse than ordering some food, only to find out that there's something wrong with it right before you're about to tuck in. You open your UberEats delivery to find they forgot your root beer and the buffalo wings you got have spilt all over the place. Yes, you get a hefty chunk of credit, but sometimes that just isn't enough.

Say, for example, you get your food and it's completely inedible because there are revolting maggots crawling all over it. Unless you're a star in a horror movie or you think someone is out to get you, the odds of this happening is pretty unlikely.

That said, this is exactly what happened to Australian Melissa Cavanagh not too long ago. In a post on Facebook, Melissa said that she felt "disgusted" after finding what she could only describe as gross maggots in her KFC. She picked up an order from a Casino KFC on the Queensland-New South Wales border and came home to something she couldn't help but post on social media.

The picture shows Melissa holding a chicken leg with two very gross, very yellow wriggly looking things near the end of the leg. Her original post received more than 300 comments with all kinds of opinions. Some would even call it a variety bucket.

Darryl Telfer said, “Best post ever! Hopefully, I won’t have to wait so long to get my juicy KFC ... Mmmm more for me” while Rod J Pearson said the same thing happened to him and a few photos and a complaint got him "free KFC for a year”.

Since the post, A KFC spokesperson said it was unlikely the situation happened pre-purchase and that the restaurant would welcome an opportunity to speak directly with the customer. A statement from them said, “KFC works closely with leading Australian forensic entomologists to understand flies to ensure our restaurant cooking and food handling practices are robust so we can keep our food safe.”

It continues, talking about the collabs it drops with the Australian health bodies saying, “Their latest studies show that flies only deposit eggs in food with temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. We hold our raw chicken below these temperatures and our cooked chicken well above so again, it’s unlikely this situation happened pre-purchase."

This incredibly gross image was provided by Leboy Thompson. They also posted this on Facebook, backing up the claim that people's meals have been getting extra servings of unwanted fly larvae.

KFC do acknowledge the incident saying, “unfortunately at this time of the year flies are out in force across Australia," but leave responsibility of keeping the chicken larvae free up to customer saying, “We urge customers to take care when leaving food uncovered during the warmer months to prevent these instances from occurring.”

They end their statement saying, "consumption wouldn’t harm the customer as any eggs or maggots would be killed by the human digestive system." What a surprise: Australian scientists are telling people to grow a pair. Still, it's good to know maggots won't be a permanent addition to the 11 herbs and spices.