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KFC have launched an amazing family sized bucket of gravy just in time for Christmas

As we all know, Christmas dinner can be incredibly stressful, even if you're not the one doing the cooking. Don't believe me? I dare you to ask the head chef of your household the wrong question, or place a foot wrong around the kitchen and see what the consequences are.

To be fair, the chef does have a lot of plates to spin on the big day, and they don't have time to be dealing with trivial things like if the present they bought you came with batteries because you can't find any.

If only there was a way to make their life a little easier. Yes, you can buy pre-cut or pre-prepared potatoes, an already seasoned turkey and a lot more but more often than not, the little things like gravy are often forgotten about or not given the attention that they deserve.

Delicious gravy is capable of turning a good Christmas dinner into a great one. But is there any way to assure great gravy every Christmas (and the other holiday meals that follow)?

Well, luckily for us KFC has the answer. Thanks to the fast food giant, you can now smother your turkey dinner in copious amounts of your favorite side dish, as KFC has launched an all-new family-sized bucket of gravy, marketed and designed as the "perfect family roast accomplishment."

The bucket features a quad-spout mechanism and holds more than 700ml of the brown stuff. That comes in at nearly a litre of gravy. A litre of KFC gravy, you can pour that over everything, twice! (assuming you keep most of it for yourself and don't share).

KFC says it's been ergonomically crafted, and "painstakingly engineered for a perfectly smooth pour." Currently, the bucket is just on a trial run to ensure it lives up to the expectations of KFC customers. If it's a success, it'll be rolled out across the country.

The trial comes in response to the growing trend for pre-purchasing KFC's famous chicken gravy on Christmas Eve to add to the turkey on Christmas Day. Something I've actually participated in, it really does elevate Christmas day.

Harry Barnes, 22, from Coventry, UK, says it’s become a ‘tradition’ in his family to go out an purchase the gravy before Cristmas, saying: ‘It’s become a tradition in our family since my brother came home with some on Christmas Eve in 2013.KFC launches a family sized bucket of gravy just in time for Christmas

He continues, "He moved out in 2014 but we’ve continued it. I forgot last Christmas and turned up to the Bermuda Park KFC in Nuneaton on Christmas Day to find it closed. I was gutted!"

Harry goes on to say, "My mum makes Christmas dinner every year but it is just the two of us now and she doesn’t seem to embrace it. She doesn’t know it yet but we are definitely having KFC gravy this Christmas."

Each year, KFC sells over one million portions of gravy in the week leading up to Christmas, with sales spiking in the last couple of days before the big event. Just last year, in fact, the United Kingdom consumed more than 108,400 litres of KFC gravy, with Northen Ireland being the region who purchased the most. To put that into context, 108,400 litres is about 666 baths of gravy.

The idea is that the family-sized bucket will help out all the hungry gravy-crazed people over the festive season, with the gravy making even Brussel sprouts bearable. What a merry (and delicious) Christmas everyone's going to have.