KFC Has Released A Clothing Line And You Better Act Fast

I don't know about you guys, but over the years, I've developed quite the relationship with fried chicken. I guzzle down on a chicken burger and some fries after a great night out or on a quiet Sunday, I find that chicken and waffles make for some excellent date food, and with a couple of old friends from school, I like to challenge myself to eat a bucket of the stuff from time to time. Now we're at the stage where I feel comfortable enough to say the L-word.

Yes, I love fried chicken, and I'm not afraid to say it; in fact, I'd like to take our relationship to the next level by displaying my love for fried chicken proudly on my chest. If only there was a fried chicken-themed clothing line for me to wear! Wait, what's that? There is? Yes, for a limited time only, you can get yourself some KFC-themed clothing and other merchandise. You'd better hurry, though, stocks are limited! Check out some of the merchandise below.

1. A Colonel Sanders pillow - $14

2. KFC patches - $12 each

3. This vintage KFC T-shirt can be yours for $24

4. A Colonel Sanders t-shirt 

5. KFC pins can be yours for $5 a pop

6. This sweet sweatshirt costs a cool $76 (but I think it's worth it)

7. A t-shirt based on the Colonel Sanders suit? I'd wear that. It's going for $18

8. This black t-shirt celebrates the best things in life, and you can wear it for $18

9. It's always been a dream of mine to wear a T-shirt with assorted chicken drumsticks on it, and now I can (for $30)

10. This $12 necklace is great for showing what's really important to you

11. Would you like a Colonel Sanders string tie? Yes you do: you can have it for $12

12. This Zinger lapel pin is too awesome (and metallic) to eat

13. For just $12, imagine what you could with this chicken pocket square

14. Finally, get yourself some drumsticks on your feet with these $8 socks (they're also available in red)

With this clothing line, I'm probably going to spend a massive part of my disposable income at KFC, like I usually do, but this time, at least I'll have a lot more to show for it than just a collection of chicken bones.

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