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Kelis has finally released her milkshake recipe and she didn’t even charge

Marketing genius or a Hail Mary move executed brilliantly to help rejuvenate her career, Kelis has released the recipe for her milkshake, and everyone wants to know.

The iconic 2003 single Milkshake from her third studio album Tasty really put the American on the globe as a pop star, peaking at number three on the US Billboard 100. Its international release also did well, and the single was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2004.

If you don't know what the song is about, it is the real life story that follows a young woman, Kelis, at the beginning of her culinary/singing career.

A maverick at the time, she realised in order to make it ahead in the world of dairy produce/music, she would have to stand out of the crowd. After making her own brand of milkshake, she marketed it as the best in her hometown but controversially sold it for free, in the hope that the product and the song released with it would speak for itself.

Word spread and the young lady's yard (front or back, it is not detailed) was inundated with men thirsty for her dairy treat. Moreover, for reasons known only to Kelis, her male customers were sent into delirium by her dessert drink.

Women were furious that their men were spending all of their time at a random lady's house, but were also intrigued as to what Kelis was doing. Rather than telling everyone what she was doing, the cunning entrepreneur sold her secret for a premium price.

Whilst a great song, a question still lay on our milkshake-laced lips: what exactly was in Kelis' milkshake? Assumably, the price she offered her premium know-how was too high for only but a few.

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There was no real push for the price of the recipe to be lowered, because the product's adjoining music video was too damn good. You have definitely come across the iconic *ding*.

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Fast forward 14 years later, after touring, judging talent shows, training at the prestigious culinary school Cordon Bleu, opening a restaurant and releasing a book called 'My life on a plate' in 2015. Kelis has finally released the recipe of her milkshake to everyone for free.

Teaming up with Baileys and celebrating chocolate milkshake day, September 12th, Kelis' Honest to God Actual Milkshake Recipe promises to set your milkshakes apart from the others and draw in as many boys as you will ever need.

To make it you will need:

Four scoops of chocolate ice cream, preferably high quality

240ml ginger beer

90ml Baileys

Five pieces of candied ginger

Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper


Chilli, cinnamon and sugar spice blend

Ginger-infused whipped cream

Candied ginger slices

Simply blend your ice cream, ginger beer, Baileys, candied ginger pieces and cayenne pepper together until smooth. Then, rim a glass with honey and dip it into the spice blend. Pour your milkshake in and finish with whipped cream and candied ginger slices.

You will probably need extra tools to fend off unaccounted boys. More show up than you expect, apparently.