Japanese Meat Lovers Are Celebrating Their Birthdays With Raw Meat Cakes

For me, one of the most exciting parts of a birthday is the cake. When I was younger, I would specifically request to have a birthday cake with Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it, and not once did I regret my decision. It’s a class film, after all.

Birthday cakes are slightly different in Japan, however. Recently, there’s been a pretty peculiar trend which is taking over Japan’s food scene: meat cakes. These meaty desserts are replacing the traditional birthday cake, and everyone in Japan seems to love them. They’ve even got bloody candles and everything (pun completley intended).

The cakes are often adorned with leaves, flowers, and fruit, and may even include a few cake decorations – made out of meat, of course. They’re also the size of a regular birthday cake, meaning that there’s plenty to go around for you and your friends.

A word of warning: you do have to cook these cakes before consuming them. Meat cakes are normally found at yakiniku restaurants, or grilled meat restaurants. These cakes come with a grill, so that you can cook them from the comfort of your table.

So, if you’ve not got the sweetest tooth, these cakes may be right up your alley. I still can’t get over the fact that candles are deemed a necessity here. At least you can get your protein levels up, even on your birthday. However, I think I’ll stick to my The Little Mermaid birthday cake, thanks.

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