It’s Been 10 Years since Dominos Were Tricked into Creating the Most Ridiculous Pizza of All Time

The fact that 2007 was 10 years ago is something I can’t quite believe. The idea that it has been a decade since we saw Superbad, Juno and Britney Spears shaving her head, frankly, is bewildering. When it comes to viral internet phenomenons, there is even more to reminisce about.

One of the most memorable has to be The Great Pizza Orientation Test, posted by the blog The Sneeze. The website’s owner, Steven, was dying for a pizza and decided to test out Domino’s ordering system. That’s when he found he had the option to do something very strange indeed.

For his first pizza, he wanted half mushroom and half pepperoni. Not my personal choice, but a relatively normal order all the same. At the time the ordering system looked like this:

The strange thing is that this system pretty much allows you have any combination of topping you want. You can have any topping over the whole pizza, on its left side, its right side, or none at all. Why anyone would choose a pizza with no cheese is beyond me, but it did lead to this order:

That’s right, he ordered a pizza that had no sauce or cheese, and only beef on one side. It was clearly a joke order, but nevertheless Dominos employees were sure to complete the action to his exact specifications. What was going through their minds is anyone’s guess. The order arrived, looking like the least appealing pizza you could possibly order.

There was no way the beef was going to stay completely on the pizza, when it is basically a very expensive slab of bread. The blogger wrote: “Unfortunately it was too late for me to call and request that someone come back to my house to rotate the pizzas and re-position my beef pellets. I may be writing a letter to the president of Domino’s this weekend”.

After it was posted to Reddit, the internet couldn’t get enough of it, posting meme after meme of the “None pizza with left beef”, as coined by Reddit. Before long, it had expanded into all sorts of mediums, from Tumblr valentine’s jokes to ill-advised jewellery.


The last article on The Sneeze was posted in 2011, but the website is still up. Funnily enough, Steven’s comedy didn’t stop there. As of 2013, the ex-blogger works as a head writer and executive producer on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Who would’ve thought a weird pizza order would lead to that?

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