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It Turns Out That We’ve Been Eating Burgers Wrong Our Entire Lives

I can proudly declare that I have eaten a lot of burgers in my time. Some good, some bad. Some whilst sober, most while drunk. As a result, I proclaim myself to be a burger connoisseur, with a true taste for the good stuff as far as buns and beef are concerned.

With that title, I join an elite community of burger admirers. From Gigi Hadid, who made herself an idol for all young women when she said "Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane" to pop sensation Rihanna, who hosted a Met Gala afterparty where the menu exclusively consisted of cheese-oozing beef burgers. A-list stars such as Madonna, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Bella Hadid and P.Diddy all tucked into the tasty treats, confirming what I already knew: burgers really do rule this world.

But we've been eating them wrong our whole lives. Check out the video below to discover why: 

And whilst these celebrities may have made for a pretty picture, posing in their couture designer gowns with a burger in hand, they unwittingly proved to the world that they are actually much more human than appearances would have you believe.

Why? Well, every single one of them failed to eat their burger correctly. Seriously. Which naturally begs the question, what is the correct way to eat a burger? Here, let me explain...

Despite their simple appearance, burgers are constructed of several very complex layers that need to be carefully considered before the first bite can be taken.

After all, there is nothing worse than losing a chunk of your burger filling because you haven't assessed your angle of approach properly. This well-known burger conundrum could help to explain why President Donald Trump allegedly prefers to eat his burgers (purchased from McDonald's) without the buns.

However, removing the buns significantly reduces the pleasure generated by a burger. Plus, unless you plan to eat it with a knife and fork, it is senseless to remove the buns for they form an edible napkin to protect you from getting filthy in the process.

But what is one to do when faced with an overflowing burger that will inevitably crumble when lifted to the mouth?

It's pretty simple really. So simple that I can't believe I haven't considered it: you turn it upside down.

According to a test carried out by Food Insider, this is the fail-safe way to avoid losing any precious filling from your burger, whilst keeping the entire thing intact and balanced. It's a genius solution.

Of course, there were plenty of people online who didn't see it that way. "If they were supposed to be eaten that way, they'd be served that way. Thank u, next," wrote one Twitter user.

Others claimed to have adopted this approach several years ago before it became common knowledge.

"I've always eaten my burgers like this because it's less mess and I always thought I was being dumb but now I know I'm ahead of my time," wrote another Twitter user.

Regardless of whether you approve of this idea or not, you can't dispute that it does solve a lot of problems... even if it does make you look like an idiot!