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The internet is LOL’ing at this mom’s ‘brilliant peanut butter hack’

Little kid, broke student or full grown adult, we can all agree: peanut butter is one of the greatest things of all time. That is, of course, if you're not allergic to the stuff. I would happily go through my day having peanut butter with every meal, because it's just that darned good.

Throw some jelly and bread into the mix, and you have yourself a real winner. I cannot praise that gooey sweet sensation highly enough, and I don't know what I would do without it. PB&J is a classic that more people really should be talking about.

Part of what makes a PB&J so great is its simplicity. It is pretty much the simplest meal a human can make. According to this mom and food blogger Bev Weidner (a.k.a Bev Cooks), however, a PB&J is anything but simple.

Weidner recently started a video for the Food Network Facebook page, where she teaches you "the brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed!" Before the video even started, it was clear to me that there there is no peanut butter hack I never knew I needed, so I was immediately suspicious.

Her hack is called 'Peanut Butter Slices' and it involves spreading blobs of peanut butter on parchment paper, folding the paper in half to conceal the PB, and then using a rolling pin to flatten the concoction.

After this, you put the PB sheet in the freezer, and wait for it to set overnight. In the morning, you take your frozen peanut butter blob out and use kitchen shears to cut the flattened PB into bread-sized squares. Then, peel the parchment off, and place the PB on your bread.

Alternatively, you know, you could just use a knife and spread the peanut butter onto the bread like everyone else. Weidner doesn't even give a good reason as to why she chooses to overcomplicate the five-second process of spreading peanut butter directly onto her bread, beyond briefly mentioning that this will protect your bread from ripping.

To be honest, I'd rather have a tiny rip in my sandwich if it meant I only had to use one knife, as opposed to kitchen shears, a rolling pin and parchment paper, before having to wait 12 hours to quell a sugar craving. Even so, when was the last time you ripped a sandwich anyways?

I don't know about you, but the level of finesse I put into my sandwich making is Picasso-esque. On top of that, the recipe is pretty wasteful in terms of parchment paper, not to mention time. I mean, come on!

As you can see, many skeptical people have commented with some pretty hilarious jokes. The video has been viewed nearly six million times on Facebook, which I'd like to believe is because people are sending it to their friends because it's so stupid. A win for the Food Network, then, but I really hope Weidner at least puts jelly in her sandwich like everybody else.