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If You Drink Your Coffee Black, You’re Probably A Psychopath

Coffee really is a gift from the gods. When you're a fully-functioning human (almost), it's likely to be a necessary part of your day-to-day life, seeing you through many a bleary-eyed morning after you stayed up late finishing off a presentation, or because you simply need a caffeine boost to meet a tight deadline. With enough coffee in your system, anything is possible.

Science has also proven that, unlike energy drinks, coffee is good for us. So unless you're intolerant, you can chug cup after cup and be content in the knowledge that it's increasing your lifespan. A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, for example, found that the risk of dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease decreased as coffee consumption increased.

However, before you rush to your nearest Starbucks for a celebratory cup of Joe, I'm afraid that there is some bad news for one group of coffee lovers. If you take your coffee black, I'm sorry to say that you're more likely to be a psychopath.

Seriously. Black coffee has actually been proven to be more popular among the Hannibal Lecters Norman Bates of the world.

This disturbing piece of information was brought to light by a study undertaken by the University of Innsbruck in Austria. It focused on a control group of 953 American adults, who had an average age of 35.

To discover 11 tell-tale signs that someone is a psychopath, check out the video below:

The participants all had to report which foods they liked best and answer a number of personality questionnaires that measured qualities including narcissism, aggression, psychopathy, and "everyday sadism." The surveys also measured the likelihood of the participants enjoying inflicting pain on others (a bit like high school bullies).

The results which were published in the journal Appetite revealed that the participants who reported enjoying foods with a bitter taste were more likely to report "malevolent personality traits" - even when sweet, sour and salty tastes were involved.

The bitter foods in the survey included black coffee (obviously), dark chocolate, radishes, beer, tonic water, and celery. Out of all the other surveyed flavors, a preference for bitterness was the biggest indicator of psychopathic personality traits.

Naturally, this begs the question, what kind of flavors do nice people prefer? Those who scored high on "agreeableness" reported a preference for sweet foods like candy and cake - and a complete dislike for the bitter foods loved by psychopaths.

So if one of your friends has a sweet tooth, then chances are that they're also a pretty sweet person.

But if you bump into a cute guy at a bar and he orders a bitter beer, you might want to escape before it's too late...