Ice Cream Donuts Have Landed Just In Time To Transform Your Summer

I absolutely adore hot desserts. While I’m pretty much up to anything when it comes to sweet-flavoured snacks and after-meal treats, it’s the thought of melting chocolate and freshly baked cookies that have my mouth watering.

But this does become a problem in certain settings. For instance, in the depths of a heatwave I am not too keen to drink a huge mug of coffee or indulge in any hot baked goods if I’m honest.

When the seasons change our tastes change, and just as an ice cream seems like an excellent idea on a hot summer day, it just doesn’t feel right when you are wearing six layers and your car has frozen over.

But just because they are inappropriate for the weather doesn’t mean that our desire for these things has completely gone away. In fact, that craving will be ever-present at the back of your mind.

This is a conundrum that has thankfully been solved by one store in the U.S that has brought together two of the world’s most delicious desserts to make an incredible new food: the ice cream donut. Forget eating ice cream with a spoon or in a cone, since you can just pick this up and eat it how you like.

It seems obvious now, but this promises something for which we’ve been searching for a very long time. These donuts, named the “Halo” no doubt after its heavenly taste, is a regular doughnut full of ice cream, coming in a variety of flavours, such as: vanilla, mint, cookies and cream, chocolate malted crunch, chocolate chip and rocky road.

So how does it work? Surely the donut would be too cold or the ice cream would be completely melted, leaving the ambitious dessert a soggy experiment gone wrong? This temperature problem is solved by the way the Halo is served. The donut is made to order, and the ice cream is heat sealed inside as you watch them make it. With the donut still warm, you can take it immediately and tuck in.

The store is called B Sweet Dessert Bar, and is based in Los Angeles. Located on the edge of Beverly Hills and Culver City, the shop describe this new product as: “Hot on the outside, cold on the inside, and yummy all over!”

I’m desperate to try these out, so I can get both the warm dessert I’m craving and the taste of whatever ice cream picks my fancy. Hopefully this trend will spread further, and we’ll end up with ice cream donuts across the world. I can’t imagine world peace would be far away once there’s been an even distribution of these scientific marvels.

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