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I Made an American Try Weird British Foods and This Is What She Thought

Right, first things first, we have some really weird food in the UK. Whether it's jellied eels, marmite, or chip butty's (fries in a bread foll, FYI), we enjoy some pretty peculiar delicacies this side of the water. So, in light of us getting an intern all the way from the USA, I thought I would make her try out some of our favourite snacks and see what she thinks.

Meet Haley, our writer who hails from Long Island (yes, like the cocktail), NY. She has kindly agreed to enjoy some of our weirder delights and let us know what she thinks of them. Now, I'm not going to take Haley out and get her fish & chips, pie & mash and all of that jazz, because that stuff has been covered a million times and you can varients of them all over the world. No, Haley is going to try some of the finer things in British life, she's going to try some real legendary UK foods. Check out the menu, and Haley's analysis, below.


What is it?

The Dairylea Lunchables (or lunch stackers, as they are now known as) were a staple packed lunch item for any kid in their schooling. A nifty little container, which contain some weird, watery ham and plasticy cheese as well as a couple of crackers, was seen as the height of school cuisine and if you had one of these in your lunchbox, you were one of the luckiest kids about.

What did Haley think?

Monster Munch

What is it?

Monster Munch are quite possibly these strangest crisp ever invented, I'm not going to lie. The crisp itself is shaped as a large monster's foot and they come in flavours that stay on your breath for days on end. The brand once released a vanilla flavour, which were vile, as well as a limited edition that made your tongue blue. However, their most legendary has to be pickled onion, so this is what we've chosen for our guinea pig.

What did Haley think?

Scotch Egg

What is it?

What is a Scotch Egg, that is a very good question. A scotch egg is one of the greatest things ever created, to be honest. Get a hard boiled egg, wrap it in sausage meat, cover that in breadcrumbs and then deep fry it and there you go, you have a scotch egg (AKA a heart attack).

What did Haley think?


Right, I'm gonna put it straight out there, Marmite is trash. Even I don't understand why so many of us Brits eat this stuff, it is beyond vile. It is so bad. But

Tea Cakes



Battered Mars Bar

Mince Pies

Steak Bake