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‘Human Barbie Doll’ reveals the details of her very strange diet

Valeria Lukyanova may be best known to the world as "Human Barbie", but she isn't a fan of being called that. “I don’t want people to try to copy someone, and that’s why I don’t like when people think I am imitating a doll; it’s degrading,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

“I’m used to it now since that’s what my work demands and this is precisely the image most fans request. So I have to comply with it because it’s become part of my aesthetic image, but I don’t like it.”

To achieve that image, the 29-year-old Ukrainian-native, spends an hour on her hair, an hour on her makeup, and five to six hours at the gym daily. She may look like a Barbie, but she sure doesn't move like one.

In the same interview for the magazine, she said: “For me, it is normal, (like how) other people brush their teeth and take a shower.” She continues: “For me, it is necessary to engage in weight-lifting. It’s part of me. It’s my lifestyle. My body thanks me for constant training and an increase in strength.”

Although she has claimed in past interviews that her diet consists of only air and light (which I assume is something along the lines of what real Barbie would eat) Lukyanova told Cosmopolitan that in actual fact she adheres to a raw food diet.

“I really like all kinds of vegetables and especially broccoli,” she said. “I also really like nuts, but I don’t eat many of them because they are very high-calorie. For fruit, it’s grapefruit and apples. For many years, I have eaten only raw foods.”

As a result, the social media star stays away from sweets and processed foods mostly, all in an effort to perfect the "perfect Barbie" body and all. “I’m working to have definition, especially definition in the abs,” she explained. “I’ve noticed that even if I eat one ice cream, the next day, I have a thicker fat layer, so I try not to eat that.”

International Business Times Australia said she diet called “Breatharianism,” where participants survive on light and air alone. This particular diet requires “the capacity to live on light is directly related to our ability to attract, absorb and radiate Divine Love which is determined by our lifestyle,” according to another advocate of the lifestyle.

Lukyanova claims in that interview with Cosmopolitan that she doesn't edit her Instagram photos - she may go to certain extremes to maintain her appearance, but tells the magazine she does not use Botox. If you've been working on your body so hard, you wouldn't want to give people the wrong impression.

“I’m opposed to that,” she revealed. “I think that if we can preserve [our skin], we should do that. I’m not worried (about getting old) because the most important thing is our thoughts. We look however we feel.” To be honest, I'm just happy she's eating again. You do you, girl.