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‘Hot Cocoa Oreos’ are here to keep you warm on those cold winter nights

Making assumptions based on appearances is always quite bad, but I think we can all agree that Santa loves cookies. After all, a popular tradition is to leave cookies and milk out for Santa.

Ever wonder why we do this to him? The poor man does 11 months worth of admin (for the entire world, not just himself) then does triple overtime for a month when the rest of the world begins to wind down.

I'm not sure if he personally asked for milk and cookies, but I think we should be keeping him healthy, not making him sluggish with all that sugar and fat! He has a lot of houses to go to, and if each one offered him this late night snack, it's no wonder he's so plump.

To be fair to him, he is out there for hours on end in frightful weather, and I'm sure he would appreciate something to perk him up. But after years of just regular cookies, how to switch it up for good old Chris Cringle? The answer, a new flavor of Oreo.

If you couldn't get enough of dunking your Oreos in the brand's very own hot cocoa, then you should be happy to know that the makers of milk's favorite cookie have just rolled out a brand new snack that'll go perfectly well with the winter drink: Hot Cocoa Oreos.

Now, as you cozy up with a nice, piping hot mug of Oreo hot chocolate, you can pair it with a second Oreo and hot cocoa mashup. According to the website Brand Eating, the cookies are made using two types of chocolate, because the more chocolate the better, right?

Because let's face it: nobody is setting an alarm for two in the morning to make hot cocoa for someone else. There's no guarantee Santa will come when the milk is still warm, so what's the point? At least with the Hot Cocoa Oreos, he can appreciate that we at least thought about it.

In detail, the new cookies feature your classic chocolate wafers paired with a hot cocoa-flavored creme filling. The cream appears to be a dual-layered affair with a white layer atop a brown layer, which seems to suggest that the white layer is marshmallow-flavored, while the brown layer is cocoa flavored.

It was reviewed by Junk Banter's Junk Male, who says: "I assumed the chocolate creme would be the same as the normal Chocolate Oreos, but I’m not so sure. This chocolate has an extra sweetness that feels different. It could just be due to its proximity to the white creme, which definitely tastes different than the standard white. It does taste more like marshmallows!"

He continued: "eating the whole cookie is when I noticed the extra marshmallowyness. The extra vanilla-marshmallow flavor pops a bit more against the cocoa wafer. It’s sweeter and more candy-like – successfully subtle. It also feels familiar because if I’m making hot cocoa, I’m probably going to dunk Oreos in them if we’re being honest."

I couldn't agree more, Junk Male, and I think Santa and the rest of America will enjoy them too. You can find the new flavor in 10.7-oz packages for about three dollars. As it usually goes with speciality flavors, Hot Cocoa Oreos are available in grocery stores nationwide, but only for a limited time. Don't play yourself by missing out.