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Here’s why the Sprite you get at McDonald’s is so strong

McDonald's, right? When it comes down to fast food that you can munch on and count on it to be pretty much perfect any time, there's definitely no equal. Whether you're talking simple stuff like a selection of McNuggets or a portion of fries (always large), or the substantial, succulent burgers of the Big Mac or Big Tasty variety, you can count on McDonald's to leave you satisfied every time. There's just one problem.

Part of what makes McDonald's so great is the amount of sugar, salt or carbs in your meal, which are (let's face it) higher than your average breakfast, lunch or dinner. There probably aren't many nutritional benefits to regularly heading to the Golden Arches in the long run, but in the short term, you'll find that McDonald's leaves you pretty thirsty.

That's where the drinks come in. Some people like to go for a Coke, others Diet Coke. Some even find it appropriate to go for a bottled water with their McDonald's (we call these people madmen). For me, there's nothing that quite hits the spot like a good Sprite. Fizzy and sweet, but with a fresh citrus flavor instead of that syrupy stuff that comes with a Coke, it's almost as if Sprite from McDonald's has that extra burst of taste, isn't it?

Turns out, that's because it does have an extra burst of taste. As always, the folks at McDonalds are always looking for new ways to enhance your experience at one of, if not the biggest fast food joints around, and with every cup of Sprite, they like to put a little something extra to ensure it tastes extra special.

So, how does the Sprite-making process differ at McDonald's? For starters, your average Sprite has a higher concentration of that delicious syrup than the offerings at Burger King, KFC or TGI Friday's. Of course, it's all diluted with some carbonated water to give it that signature fizz, but all in all, you end up with a much stronger flavor.

Secondly, McDonald's goes above and beyond to make sure that carbonated water is of the highest quality. Down to the last drop, all the water in the McDonald's drink machine is passed through filters twice as much as any of their competitors, and both the syrup and the water is kept chilled at all times, making the complimentary ice little more than a gesture of good will.

Now, it's time to talk about something you don't usually associate with a nice, refreshing drink: the straw. Whether it's wide or thin, long or short; as long as the end result is the same and it all ends up in your mouth, then it doesn't matter too much, right? Right? Wrong.

There's a very good reason that a McDonald's straw is so much bigger than most other straws you'll come across: it's designed to hit as wide a range of tastebuds on your tongue, resulting in a much more balanced and substantial flavor.

Amazing, isn't it? It's easy to assume that in the pursuit of higher profit margins or revenue, McDonald's doesn't care too much about the overall quality of their food, but in fact the opposite is true. Now, whenever you wash down that Super-sized meal with a nice gulp of Sprite, you'll be able to taste all the McLove that makes it extra special.