Here’s Why McDonald’s Fries Are So Addictive

For me (and I’m sure many of you), a trip to McDonald’s is one of life’s underrated pleasures. Sure, it’s costly enough that you can’t exactly make a diet of it, but there’s enough variation in the delicious food on offer to keep you coming back for more. I tend to alternate between Chicken McNuggets, a Big Mac and the Filet O’ Fish, but one thing that remains constant in every one of my orders at McDonald’s is the side of fries.

French fries are one of those things that are consistently delicious. Dipping strips of potato into boiling oil is a pretty tough thing to mess up, but even so, McDonald’s are way ahead of the likes of KFC or Burger King when it comes to the delicious potato snack. If you let me, I could seriously much on French Fries all day without so much as a second thought. It’s like they’re addictive, isn’t it? If you took a look at the ingredients of your average container of McDonald’s fries, however, you would realise that’s probably not an accident.


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